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  1. My ZC all motor results

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    So i recently tuned and i made: 115hp - 109tq (MOTOR) 180Hp - 179tq (37Jet/68shot NOS) and that was only the first and only pull on the nitrous, i seemed to have injector issues, connectors were moving a bit too much and i needed a relay on my Gas pump(340LPH KEMSO) My setup is : 64mm TB Stock...
  2. D15b7 to D16zc swap trouble.

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    First of all...I am new....and stupid. I know there must be thread after thread about this swap, but cannot find the answers I need, after hours of searching. Anyways... I am swapping my D15b7 sohc non vtec for a d16zc sohc non vtec. Up until now, its been cake. Bolt in, plug in everything...
  3. Sohc ZC questions!!!

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    i dont know whats what on my car! my block is stamped zc, my head is stamped pm3-4 and my intake mani is stamped P06 as well as my ecu. if anyone could tell me what the [email protected] all this is it would be greatly appreciated. i would also like to know what im going to need to run vtec, right now there...
  4. SOHC ZC

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    I figured I'd start this thread since there was a DOHC ZC thread, and I noticed people asking about a SOHC ZC thread on the dohc thread. If there is already a SOHC ZC thread please delete this thread administrators; If not i'll edit out this sentence later. SOHC ZC thread: Post/discuss your...
  5. y7 to sohc zc nonvtec swap

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    bearings Hows would' you install bearings after getting crank micro polished and new eagle rods? block is notched for eagle rods. block bored .75 mm over Acid vated, etc. and will come with cp forged pistons(wish they were cast,unless guy didnt know and they were cast) might go 5-6 lbs. of...