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  1. D16z6 head - Cracks in rocker assembly

    Engine Building
    I bought a z6 head from someone and upon disassembly there are cracks around the bolt holes for 2 of 5 valve cover bolts. The cracks are less than 1cm long. My question is would the rocker assembly still be safe to use in a high comp mini me build. Cheers Zingle
  2. 1998 EJ6 Mini-Me build Y8 or D6 Head!?!?

    Engine Building
    Since high school I’ve always wanted a little Honda since most my friends had 90s era Hondas growing up. I’ve driven quite a few from ef with sohc vtec to a GSR dohc vtec. I had some extra cash and decided I wanted a little project car and found something for a great price. I picked up a 98...
  3. Super budget D16Z6 build for GRM's 2020 challenge

    General Tech
    Hi all, new user here and completely new to Hondas, although I've done my share of wrenching on many different cars. I've been reading through this forum for a few days but I have a sort of specific situation so I was hoping for some help. I just picked up a 1995 Civic EX for a grand and my...
  4. z6/y8 interchangeable head parts

    Engine Building
    are there any parts of the z6/y8 heads that aren’t interchangeable? cams (with matching gear of course), springs, valves, etc. ik some of this has been covered already but i’ve never found a definitive answer. thanks
  5. Z6 timing issue

    General Tech
    I have a ongoing issue I hope someone can help with. Built Vitara Z6. I'm having a timing issue. So I line up the crank with the white single slash and the corresponding marks on the cam gear. So in theory this should be correct. But I'm still only at 11* of timing. Even with the dizzy maxed I...
  6. Need help building a z6!! I'm new at this.

    Forced Induction
    Hi guys, I'm a new member to D-series and I need help with suggestions or recommendations on parts I've already picked out for a future D16Z6 build. I have never built a car before and plan to build my first Honda very soon. Of course all of my parts are from eBay and I need people who build...
  7. D16z6 Dyno power loss and CEL 10

    Engine Management
    Hello everyone, I have done my rebuild of the d16z6 engine that sits in my civic wagon. I did the proper break-in period. But, what I thought is that I had CEL1 code of o2 sensor, and that my tuner will just turn that off. I got to the dyno yesterday, did the pulls, and the car would just...
  8. D16Z6 turbo build wont stay running?

    Engine Building
    Hey guys its been awhile! My previous post is here if you're interested in the build. Just kidding, it wont let me post links. I'll PM you if you want to see it. I did get Skunk2 Pro 1's all around as well as rear disc conversion. Not that it has anything to do with this post. Sooooo, my...
  9. Hello all

    New Member Introductions
    Hello all I am happy to have found this site : ) I have a 1996 Honda Del Sol D16z6 and I love it. I want to build a D16Z6, or Y8 or a mix depending on how everything goes I want to have full built Engine and turbo around 15lbs of boost and I still want to be able to race but not only drag race...
  10. z6 build 250-300whp goal on dd

    Forced Induction
    Hey guys, I've been doing some digging and I'd like to pick the brains of people more knowledgeable than myself about real world numbers. My build will be running the following: Complete D16Z6 CP 9:1 compression forged pistons 75.5mm Eagle rods ARP head studs ACL bearings (I think it was?)...
  11. My 1994 Ej1 Build (Pics)

    Hello Im new so I thought id show off my build so far. A little Background of the car up to this point. I bought the car about 4-5 years ago in Los Angeles in a mobile home park which is sat under a tarp for god knows how long. She is my daily driver and soon to take to the track when i get...
  12. D16Z6 Blue Smoke Problems

    General Tech
    Hey guys, I've been lurking around the forums for quite some while to get much needed info on swaps and various other things but this is my first post, I wish I wouldn't have to do this but I don't know what else to try at this point. Okay, here we go! I've swapped a D16Z6 in my '98 EJ6 coupe...
  13. Will a Faulty ECU still produce a spark?

    Hi All, So ive been working on a Turbo build for a 1992 EG D16Z6 UKDM and ive got it all back together and trying to get it to fire up into life. It is turning over but wont start. Ive got fuel and spark. I have jumped the OBD 2 pin plug and is showing code 0. It is either ECU, MAP or Fuel...
  14. TDC sensor code 8 D16z6

    New Member Introductions
    Hi I'm from Canada I have recently bought a 93 AGP eg si, the problem is it had a seized motor and i also had a running MR 92 eg si which i was scraping because of a rotted body so i did the logical thing and swapped the motor. Now the problem is i have TDC code 8 i have also read other threads...
  15. Weird idle issue

    General Tech
    so i own a boosted D16z6 and recently my clutch line blew so i had to replace the hole system in order to finally get pressure to my clutch. Anyway, ive noticed that ever since i put all my couplers and piping back on (i had to take them off in order to have access to the clutch lines) my car...
  16. Timing

    New Member Introductions
    I have a turbo honda that I am currently working on, D16Z6. I recently put a 255 fuel pump. Loaded hondata with a basemap. The car was running well for a couple min, then I began revving it to see it was making any boost. Then it started exploding, no boost though. After a few revs, the car...
  17. I need this done and figured out A.S.A.P.

    New Member Introductions
    Ive had this car for years and havent made one pull on it, one thing after another. 1.)I currently have a 374hp D16z6, I need new axles (again) and have 1994 Integra front brake calipers. Do I need need spindles or hubs to put these on? 2.)Are there any decently affordable higher performance...
  18. To build or not to build.

    Engine Building
    Ok guys, so I am in a predicament. I'm swapping a d16z6 into my 74 Mini Cooper, and its just about time to put the engine in the car. However, once the engine is in the car, I don't want to have to take it out again for a long time. That being said, when I had the car running before, the engine...
  19. D16Z6 cylinder head?

    New Member Introductions
    Hi guys! I have two d16z6 cylinderheads, at least that is what what i have been told. But i noticed one difference. One head has hole&canal and one hasn't. - here's link to images since i cant upload it myself. Last pic shows that canal. Can u recognize if these are d16z6 heads...
  20. D16z6 minime wiring

    New Member Introductions
    Hello. At the beginning i must say that im not native speaker and i don't know proper names for engine parts :D sorry So i have civic VI d14z1 99 and i plan to put d16z6 head on my engine. I found d16z6 cables but i dunno if they are from engine or cabin. - here are pics...