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d16z6 help
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  1. Naturally Aspirated
    Hey guys, first off, I'm sooo sorry if this is not the place to be posting this (my first day on this forum), secondly I have a few questions about a car that I will be buying. Alright here we go, I am no honda expert and have never even owned one (although i do love them and have been...
  2. Engine Building
    hello i have a d16z6 vitara turbo whit a walbro 255 on hondata s300 and dsm injector my problem is when i start the engine the presure is at 45 then it drop to 0 in about 15 sec at ilde. i have this prolem since i have change my fuel pump for a inline walbro 255 whit a fuel cell and an6 fuel...
  3. Engine Building
    I opened my D16z6's valve cover to find this!! More pictures here... it doesnt feel like metal... more like cinders or fine little rocks...
1-3 of 3 Results