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  1. Engine Building
    hi guys just want to know what you think about my setup any input will be fine. D16A6 PISTONS ON D16Z6 RODS (± 10 : 1 CR) SKUNK2 INTAKE WITH B18C 62MM THROTTLEBODY AEM FUEL RAIL HONDATA INTAKE GASGET LIGHT PORTED & SHAVED HEAD ZEX 59100 CAM (STAGE 1) OMI HIGH COMPRESSION VALVES (FROM 10 : 1...
  2. Showcase
    i got a d16z6 block for cheap that needed rebuilding. as i am taking the engine machining class in college, i want to take full advantage of it and plus my instructor is a old hot rodder which is a big help. i have done alot of research in this website and learned so much but still have stuff...
1-2 of 2 Results