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  1. New Ej8 Owner

    New Member Introductions
    Hello, I bought my 5 spd Ej8, d16y8 coupe about six months ago. I’m considering NOS seeing as I have access to a bottle. Is there a reliable way to have fun in a 1.6 l? I would go k swap or f/I but it’s pretty expensive. I’m aware nos is expensive by the bottle but has anyone else ran it in...
  2. Looking to D16Y8 swap my 99 ek1 civic

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    Hi all, I’m new to owning a Honda and all the bits and pieces that come with it. I am running a stock D16Y4 and while it’s good fun I want something a little more powerful but I want to keep the D-Series motor I’ve had 10+ people telling me “just b-series swap it” but I like the d-series (hence...
  3. Walbro 255 issues!!!

    Naturally Aspirated
    Ever since I installed a walbro 255 I've had issues taking corners with a lower tank of gas. I can get a 200miles before having the issue. I can't take corners hard because the fuel sloshes around too much and bogs down until it settles. The car comes back to life until the next corner or decent...
  4. D16y7 to d16y8 intake swap

    Engine Building
    Hi guys, I just swapped d16y7 intake with the y8 intake manifold. However the car acceleration is slower after the swap and I can feel something is holding back the acceleration around 6000rpm. Is this something got to do with camshaft advancing and retarding. TDC and BDC is as per the marks by...
  5. d16y8 coolant problems

    General Tech
    i have a 97 civic with a d16y8 started to overheat so i took the thermostat out and it’s still over heating. would that be a head gasket??
  6. D16y8 Forged Internals Help

    General Tech
    I currently have a re-manufactured D16y8 I want to be able to pull 250-300 Hp out of it reliably I plan on getting: Eagle rods Vitara pistons and a Crower forced induction Cam. I know the crank is great in this engine, But I've heard some bad things about the stock oil pump, any thoughts? Will...
  7. 1998 EJ6 Mini-Me build Y8 or D6 Head!?!?

    Engine Building
    Since high school I’ve always wanted a little Honda since most my friends had 90s era Hondas growing up. I’ve driven quite a few from ef with sohc vtec to a GSR dohc vtec. I had some extra cash and decided I wanted a little project car and found something for a great price. I picked up a 98...
  8. z6/y8 interchangeable head parts

    Engine Building
    are there any parts of the z6/y8 heads that aren’t interchangeable? cams (with matching gear of course), springs, valves, etc. ik some of this has been covered already but i’ve never found a definitive answer. thanks
  9. 20191027_015952.jpg


    D16y7 with a y8 IM swap, mostly stock rebuild, MLS headgasket and arp studs(prep for turbo at later date) polished everything I could get a dremel bit on. Slightly upgraded clutch, lightweight flywheel, port and polished head. Sold to a customer dropping it in a classic Mini.
  10. New member Turbo D16 Project

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    Hi everyone, started searching the forums for information on boosting my D16y7. Picked up a 2000 civic dx hatch 5spd w/105k as a project to learn/have fun with/build. Currently finishing up replacing/upgrading all the old worn factory parts..brakes, suspension, mounts, and bushings etc. and...
  11. Does this work for a D16Y8?

    Transmission alley
    So here's the story, I bought a 1997 Honda Civic EX Sedan with a D16Y8 Fully built. I don't think the build list matters but if you are curious just ask. The current Tranny on the car has a few issues. The biggest issue that is killing me is 2nd gear. It pops out of gear when going from 1st to...
  12. Need Help Buying a new 5spd Tranny D16Y8!!

    Transmission alley
    So I just recently bought my first civic and It needs a new Tranny. 2nd gear pops out and grinds. 3rd just lightly grinds putting it in. I need suggestions for buying a new one. looking for a cheaper low mileage one. preferably less than 300$ hopefully not eBay. maybe you guys can sell me one or...
  13. Chasing CEL's...frankenstein car

    Engine Management
    Hey Guys! New to the forums because Ive searched all over and cant find anything. My situation is very specific. Recently bought a 99 Ek Coupe with a D16Y8 in it. When I purchased the car it had the motor half taken out of it. Half of the motor mounts were off, harness was...
  14. low rpm hesitation idle drops under loads

    Naturally Aspirated
    Hello and greetings from germany, i got an del sol with an d16y8 engine on it, now i have some problems i already did an tune up and replaced some parts timing belt spark plugs spark plug wires dizzy cap fuel filter oil change + oil filter pcv valve vtec solenoid gasket valve cover gasket...
  15. Building a 2000 civic ex

    Naturally Aspirated
    Bought my first civic...2000 ex. I’ve owned strictly muscle cars in the past and I’ve built some fast mustangs. Now I’m on the import scene... do these cars make more power with simple bolt ons like a mustang? I could put full exhaust, new heads, a more aggressive cam and a bigger intake on a...
  16. D16Y7 to D16Y8 Help!

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    N00b here. I have a 1998 Civic dx hatchback and the D16Y7 in it crapped out. I picked up a D16Y8 out of a 2000 Civic si (ex) with the matching harness and ecu and am looking to swap that in. My problem is I bought the engine without knowing what obd2a and obd2b were. My question now is what do I...
  17. D16Y8 Surging Idle; Yes I've read forums and "burped" it

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    I've dealt with this surging idle ever since I did a head swap which leads me to believe that there is air in the coolant system. no codes at all Here is Everything that I've done: 1. I ran the car with the coolant cap off [jacked up the front end] and mashed the gas at about 2000 while the...
  18. D16Y8 OBD2 Automatic Civic JRSC Question

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    I really REALLY hate to be that guy, but I am about to put a JRSC on my civic that I do not care too too much about, but still want to drive occasionally. 6lb pulley, wideband O2 sensor, fuel pressure regulation, but NO TUNE. It is an automatic, nobody has done this to my knowledge. I'm just...
  19. new to the forum

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    hi guys new to the forum as a member ive been creeping the forum for years lol. little info about me im from the toronto,canada region and im currently building a 92eg si ive had about 10 hondas all with swaps so im not new to it but my fav out of all was turbo d16y8 eg with a edelbrock kit. im...
  20. Built Transmission overkill for 450hp goal?

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    hi guys currently doing a y8 build with a goal of 450whp. The plan is to build the transmission mfactory 4.5FD, mfactory lsd, synchrotech carbon synchros & DSS axels. is this considered overkill for a y8 transmission im not to sure what the weak points of the tranny are.