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d16y8 turbo

  1. Finally! Hondasteve's D16Y8 Turbo build!

    This build has taken a long time to get going, but it is finally finished. This car has a lot of sentimental value since it is the first car that I ever owned. It is a 2000 Civic EX and I have had it since 2004. The chassis has 265,000miles on it, so its seen plenty of use. I started this...
  2. D16y7/y8 turbo build.

    Forced Induction
    i just want to know if it is possible to make 300hp on stock d16y7 sleeve. im planning to build a d16y7 block w/ y8 head. im gonna put money and time for the rebuild, not rush. and i want to know if go-autoworks is a good site to buy internals for the block and valvetrain to the y8 head and for...
  3. stock d16y8 boosted

    New Member Introductions
    wasup dseries.i know this question has been asked before but i added a little twist to it. how do you think a stock internal d16y8 would hold up on 12psi with a turbonetics t3/t4 t04e snail and only arp headstuds would hold up?well and supporting mods like injectors,fuel pump,hondata 3bar...
  4. D16y8 Pre turbo build up - suggestions * 2cents please

    Engine Building
    Okay, I'm new here and new to working on cars all together - but I'm an extremely fast learner. I've always been fortunate to not even have to change my own oil or fix my own flats; having a love for engineering, the only thing I have never taken apart and or built is a car. For fun I recently...
  5. 1991 Civic 4-Dr in the making

    Forced Induction
    I bought my civic a few months ago, did the mpfi and si swap and now converted to obd-1. i did the distributor wiring myself without the adapter( big thanks to rease3 ). i plan on being turbo by October at the latest. Right now, i am having a hard time finding a d16 block so i can start building...