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d16y8 problems surging

  1. Fuel Trim while cruising????

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    Good Afternoon guys, So I looked EVERYWHERE, and I can't seem to find any information on anyone having a similar issue as I am... For starters, I have a D16y8 engine stock ecu, in the neighborhood of 10.5:1- 11:1 compression. stock cam, port matched intake side of head, Polished combustion...
  2. Help! d16y8 obd1 conver. surging and not revving past 3500rpm

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    after pulling the motor only to put it back in im having an issue now i think with wiring or ecu...the engine starts like a champ but after a minute or less it starts pulsing or surging. also when i drive it around it wont go past 3500rpm. im currently pulling off all the connections again and...