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d16y8 intake

  1. d16y8 intake manifold help plz

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    hi guys I just blew my engine in my 96 civic ex so i want out and bought a d16y8 engine that came from an 2000 civic ex auto with low miles but than when i was putting it in i saw that the I.M wont work with the wiring harness because its for a car that is auto. what i want too kno is will the...
  2. d16y8 intake manifold problem plz help

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    I have a 96 ex m/t with a 00 d16y8 auto waiting to put in. But than i saw that the intake plugs were different my question is will my old 96 intake manifold work on the 99-00 engine.. and also do i need my 96-98 dizzy on that engine any help will be appreciated...