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d16y8 help

  1. Does this work for a D16Y8?

    Transmission alley
    So here's the story, I bought a 1997 Honda Civic EX Sedan with a D16Y8 Fully built. I don't think the build list matters but if you are curious just ask. The current Tranny on the car has a few issues. The biggest issue that is killing me is 2nd gear. It pops out of gear when going from 1st to...
  2. Fuel Trim while cruising????

    Naturally Aspirated
    Good Afternoon guys, So I looked EVERYWHERE, and I can't seem to find any information on anyone having a similar issue as I am... For starters, I have a D16y8 engine stock ecu, in the neighborhood of 10.5:1- 11:1 compression. stock cam, port matched intake side of head, Polished combustion...
  3. D16y8 issues

    Engine Management
    I'm new to this site, and well also when it comes to owning a honda and working on cars. So sorry if my lack of knowledge is painfully obvious. Any information that i leave out, i'll add later if needed/asked for. Again, major noob here. About 2 months ago I bought a 99 civic ex. almost...
  4. D16z6 help please

    Engine Building
    Ok I have originally built my d16z6 heavy but have now spun a bearing and melted the top of my pistons one of my head bolts have stripped inside the block I have a whole A6 and a B7 engine but I have put a lot of money into my z6 head and would like to use it still can I use the z6 ecu on the A6...
  5. DIY Supercharger

    Forced Induction
    I've been looking for a jrsc for my y8 for ages and I figure if I can't find one soon I'll try just making one myself. Obviously the intake will have to be custom made, however being that Honda engines spin counter-clockwise can I also just flip the blower around as well? Outside of pumping...
  6. D16y8 help!!!!

    Engine Building
    Ok so i bought a 95 DX coupe with a D16y7 with about 200,000 miles on it. After about 3 months the engine blew (had a valve seal leak so ran with no oil). I bought a D16y8 from a friend that included tranny, axles, p2p ecu, and y8 wiring harness with about 150,000 miles on it. I ended up...
  7. Need help with my help

    Forced Induction
    im about to boost my d16y8 with a greddy tdo4 turbo with 310 rc injecters i have already changed from obd2 to obd1 i am thinking about going to 6 or 7 psi i am just wondering if its gonna hurt my motor its all stock any info let me know thanks