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d16y8 build

  1. New to turbo/building. D16y8 question.

    General Tech
    Hey guys so I’m completely new to this turbo and building stuff lol. Mind you I’ve been working on cars for over 15yrs but strictly all stock and fixing my customers cars. I run an auto repair shop and I finally want to build a motor/ “faster” car. I have a 2000 civic with a d16y8 in it already...
  2. D16Y8 N/A Build

    General Tech
    Has anyone used the high compression p29? pistons from ycp, any ideas on the actual compression ratio these pistons can produce? And I'm needing to know the dome height aswell
  3. Does this work for a D16Y8?

    Transmission alley
    So here's the story, I bought a 1997 Honda Civic EX Sedan with a D16Y8 Fully built. I don't think the build list matters but if you are curious just ask. The current Tranny on the car has a few issues. The biggest issue that is killing me is 2nd gear. It pops out of gear when going from 1st to...
  4. tips for stable daily driven boost build

    Forced Induction
    Hello, I'm fairly new to these forums and boost in general but I want to boost my daily driven 97 civic. My goal is at least 150 whp, ideal would be 200. if it can be done without needing forged pistons and all that. It has a d16y7 engine and an aftermarket cai. ANY tips would help! - I'm...
  5. Need all the help i can get with my first civic build!

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys. Never have been part of a forum so bear with me. i finally decided to take my 98 civic off the road and really start a serious build. The goal is to get the bay clean and tucked and rebuilding my stock y8 into a semi built turbo engine. any tips or suggestions are greatly...
  6. d16y7 to d16y8 swap

    Engine Management
    Hey guys i am new here and was wanting to gather information on how i can do a d16y8 swap into my 1999 Honda Civic Hatch. I hope that i am not repeating another thread but i was wanting to get's opinion and thoughts on this swap and how much i should budget? tine itll take? etc...
  7. Looking for advice: '98 Civic LX Sedan

    New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone, new here. I just got my first car afew days ago: A black 1998 Honda Civic LX Sedan. She's got 128,000 km's, and so far an enjoyable car, even being 100% stock. When I first got it I miss took the LX badge for an EX. Just noticed last night my error. a bit dissapointed, but the way...
  8. D16y7/y8 turbo build.

    Forced Induction
    i just want to know if it is possible to make 300hp on stock d16y7 sleeve. im planning to build a d16y7 block w/ y8 head. im gonna put money and time for the rebuild, not rush. and i want to know if go-autoworks is a good site to buy internals for the block and valvetrain to the y8 head and for...
  9. D16Y8 Engine Build by a Machinist

    Alright I've been wanting to do a complete build on my own D16 for awhile now and have had the opportunity arise due to some piston damage. Just a little history about me and this engine. I am faculty in a college automotive technology program by day and an engine machinist/builder by night. I...
  10. Turbo D motor mounts

    New Member Introductions
    Hey new to posting in DSO but i've read and searched through a ton of threads already here, long story short i'm a hs senior and am in the process of boosting my 4dr eg and I have all of my parts together just waiting for the block to get bored and honed(will be getting that back tomorrow). The...
  11. d16y8 build help!

    Naturally Aspirated
    alright im looking to build my d16 because its different. lol i know it doesnt make much power but its what i want i would like to go high compression running on the bottle im trying to figure out what pistons i should use rods cam camshaft valve valve springs ect all the goodies for an awesome...
  12. D16y8 rebuild. Need some help plz.

    Engine Building
    okay i got a d16y8 with a spun bearing.. typical issue from the y8 i have heard.. anyways im going to pay a machine shop here in houston to rebuild it for me for $1595.. i was wondering what size i should get it bored out.. i think about adding boost in the summer. im trying to keep up with...