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  1. Cranks, No start, No clue.

    General Tech
    Hello everyone, I tried to put a D16Z6 cam and rocker assembly with locked VTEC on a D16y7. Car didn’t fire up. So I thought it was the cam and new rockers. so I went back to stock and the car still didn’t fire back up. I set #1 top dead center, all the timing marks lined up. Got a new...
  2. D16Y7 from Bulgaria NA build

    Hello and greetings from Bulgaria. I'm new here and English is not my first language so i'm sorry for any mistakes or if the thread is not in the right section. I will try to be short. I have the car civic ej9 with D14A4 for about 4 years and it's a non stop ungoing project. At first i started...
  3. PLEASE HELP ? !!

    Naturally Aspirated
    Okay guys, so I have a 1999 Honda Civic D16Y7 1.6L NA 5 Speed Manual - HUNDREDS of dollars later and I am still chasing this problem. I really need someone smart on this one. I have an idle issue that I just can’t figure out whatsoever. I start the car and it idles good then it travels up and...
  4. HX Cvt tranny onto a d16y7

    Transmission alley
    i recently blew my automatic transmission in my 1997 honda civic dx hatch, and i was looking for a new one, then came across the hex cvt on ebay for 400 dollars. Will this tranny fit my d16y7?
  5. D16Y7 turbo ignition timing

    Engine Management
    So this is my setup: D16Y7 stock block turbo with all the supporting mods (injectors, etc...) ~10 psi p28 93 octane My current ignition map that im messing with: Does anyone have any pointers? it seems to be running and driving fine. Is it too much timing? I was trying to make the turbo...
  6. New member Turbo D16 Project

    New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, started searching the forums for information on boosting my D16y7. Picked up a 2000 civic dx hatch 5spd w/105k as a project to learn/have fun with/build. Currently finishing up replacing/upgrading all the old worn factory parts..brakes, suspension, mounts, and bushings etc. and...
  7. y7 3 pin IAC not working with p28?

    Forced Induction
    So I put together my turbo d16y7 recently; - 00 d16y8 intake manifold with the back iacv port and the injector air hole things are plugged and not leaking - stock d16y7 throttle body with the 3 wire IACV - chipped p28 ECU So the car starts up quickly, idles at 1500RPM for a bit and then goes...
  8. skunk2 pro series manifold on y7 questions

    General Tech
    i have a 1997 civic lx im looking to get some more air into it so i bought a skunk2 manifold an had wondered if anyone else has ran it and if there are things i need to know about it. is it just bolt and go after swapping stuff. i just want to do it the proper way and have good results. thanks...
  9. What's up fam!

    New Member Introductions
    Previous thread never actually posted, so trying again... Hey guys, been browsing the forums for a few days trying to find an answer to my idle issues on my d16y7. I figured I would register an account and come say hi. In case anyone's interested about the idle issue it all started when I...
  10. D16Y7 to D16Y8 Help!

    New Member Introductions
    N00b here. I have a 1998 Civic dx hatchback and the D16Y7 in it crapped out. I picked up a D16Y8 out of a 2000 Civic si (ex) with the matching harness and ecu and am looking to swap that in. My problem is I bought the engine without knowing what obd2a and obd2b were. My question now is what do I...
  11. Did I Screw Up? 96 civic LX

    New Member Introductions
    Hi guys, Figured I would start here. I bough a 96 civic LX. Swapped to a 5-speed ( 40 series Trans) Block date stamp says 10/99 so i assume the engine and trans were swapped at some point. cluster has AT gear range, and there is no TAC. Engine Runs great, No oil smoke, no consumption. Clutch is...
  12. Help

    New Member Introductions
    street racing is frowned upon here. when all of the sudden my engine blew up. I have a 99 Lx d16y7 all stock. I'm in school and money is kind of tight right now. The cheapest route is to put a new y7 engine in it myself I suppose. Although I am no savant, I know a bit about HOW engines work. I...
  13. My turbo d16 td05h build build

    New Member Introductions
    hey guys! car:d16y7 hatchback I'm turbo'ing my car and ive searched the forums already so please dont tell me to search! (links would be nice though in case i did miss anything) *note this is a budget build* so heres the deal what i have at this time: (will be making edits through build) -...
  14. New member, first Honda

    New Member Introductions
    Hello all. New to the forums, and new to Honda. Bought my first Civic a month ago and ready to see what i've been missing 99 dx. 162k on the body, 70 on the current y7 (came with) AEM short ram, Apexi exhaust, Spec D lower control arms, and what looks to be an ebay coilover set (drmotorsports...
  15. d16y7 turbo questions...

    New Member Introductions
    hey guy! first post on here so sorry if this has been answered. so ive been looking at some d16y7 turbos and everyone uses a y8 tb and a y8 im (throttle body and intake manifold). im wondering why i cant just use the y7 ones? i have a y8 im but not a y8 tb so do i need the y8 tb? ive seen a...
  16. Just Joined Quick Question: Mini Me?

    New Member Introductions
    So I have a 99 dx hatch with the stock y7 and a automatic transmission. Locally there is a rebuilt y8 for sale with headbolts, valve cover, and the vtec solenoid. I'm low on cash right now, could I swap the head right on? I know I need a new ecu to wire vtec, and that a new intake mani is...
  17. Whats up, new into the D-series engines... What can i get myself into?

    New Member Introductions
    What up guys and gals, so I just recently got a 1998 Civic LX d16y7 fullly stock motor, (possible burning oil, or leaking onto hot exhaust...) i upgraded my Intake to a Short Ram intake and I installed an ebay DNA Motoring 4-2-1 Header exhaust system, with test pipe, which id like to replace...
  18. d16y7 build

    General Tech
    need a lil help with my d build . i have a few probs ran into a few things i dont know much about .
  19. looking for feedback

    Engine Building
    Hello everyone im thinking about starting a new build on my y7 and was wondering if i could possibly get some feedback on it plz no smartass in sort of new at this so plz bear with me lol...... d16y7 block y8 head brian crowler stage 2 street cam with titanium retainers and springs valves p29...
  20. y7 to y8 intake manifold swap help

    General Tech
    Ok, so I did the y7 to 78 intake manifold swap on my 96 dx. Everything is put back in its correct place and now its hunting idle. Ive looked for vacuum leaks and didn't find any. I even put on a brand new iacv and its still hunting idle. Any ideas what to look for next?