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  1. General Tech
    What's up? I got a d16y7 with z6, I kniw there's a lot of threads for this, I've looked at most of them lol..I've used a y7 belt 104 teeth (z6 belts the same) and a VX 103 teeth...y7 too much slack no matter how tight I get te tensioner...VX belt way tight, can get it on the cam gear, got it on...
  2. Engine Building
    I got a D16y7 with z6 head, new tensioner, spring, waterpump, adjustable cam gear.. everythings set to TDC, 0* on the cam gear. Y7/Z6 belt too much slack when tightened all the way. VX belt really tight can't get it on cam gear. Any ideas, thanx
1-2 of 2 Results