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  1. General Tech
    Hi guys I'm new at this! I have a 99 si coupe and it has a d16y7 (Yay ) other day it started idle low around 500-300 and if I feather the throttle at about 1500 rpm, It will like kind of stay there and shutter kind of like a bah, bah, bah, bah... im looking at cleaning the throttle body and...
  2. General Tech
    Ok guys im new here so bear with me please.. recently rebuilt my d16y7 in 99 civic after it spun bearings and now it wont start. chased ignition and timing issues to no avail until I had an OH DUH moment and ran a compression test....under 100psi across all 4 cylinders...crank was turned .030...
  3. Engine Management
    i have a 1990 Honda civic Si with a d16y7 swap. the problem is that when i turn on the car it stays on for like 30 minutes then idles really low like if it ran out of power. then it makes a noise in the muffler, and turns off. when i try to turn it on again it backfires. need help on what it...
1-3 of 3 Results