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  1. New Member With d16y5 Turbo Q's

    New Member Introductions
    Sup guise, I just joined due to my recent purchase of a 1998 Civic HX m/t. I got the car with the intention of rebuilding the engine, doing a little suspension work, painting it, and messing with the interior. My original plan was just to have a reliable, fun, attractive daily car that I had...
  2. D16Y5 in need of suggestions

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    Alright I have a 98 HX with the D16Y5 in it. So far I have the basics intake/exhaust, but I am looking into getting some goodies for my baby. I'm looking to get the EX tranny, but also looking into intake manifolds and fuel injectors. I have about $1400 I can put into it. I've seen some Skunk2...
  3. I'm a noob and don't know exactly what I have!

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    Okay so I'll tell you guys the whole story... Back in January I bought a 1997 Honda Civic Dx off a man for $1500. Had 141,xxx on the motor, 5 speed, had cheap ass coilovers in it of which I ripped out (couldn't take the slamming) and a "custom" exhaust (more like cut the resonator off and...
  4. Swapping HX motor into '00 Civic EX

    Naturally Aspirated
    I've been doing a lot of searching on here and around the Web and nothing is really coming up for me except on a few hypermiling sites. I see a lot of people dropping the D16Y8 their 96-00 Civic HX cars but never anyone putting a D16Y5 into their 96-00 EX. I'm pretty particular about my...
  5. d16y5 build help

    Forced Induction
    looking to boost a y5 picking up a 99 HX this week. Goals aren't too crazy Daily Driver low boost, maybe 160-180hp. 200(be nice). What would i need or should i go for? p.s i am considering on running my t3/t4 from my old 240, but not committed to it if there better low budget setups out there.
  6. d16y5 build questions

    Engine Building
    ok, tons of questions going through my mind right now. I own a 98 civic ej7 hx with a d16y5 tranny, block, head, etc. I have huge ambition for my civic. I know it is capable of huge power if built correctly. I am coming to d-series for support and advice on which steps to take in certain order...
  7. Boosting my 96 hx

    Forced Induction
    hello everyone i have really been wanting to boost my hx and so i have started looking for parts to piece my kit most likely going to put a y8 head on my y5 just for clarification. my hp goal is 160-200 hp and about the same for torque.i want a fast spooling turbo so i have a good...
  8. 96 Civic HX: Blown engine...

    General Tech
    My 96 Civic HX slung a rod through the crankcase yesterday. I can't find a replacement engine locally, so I bought a D16Y7 engine, instead of the Y5. I want to know if I can put my Y5 head on the Y7 engine, so I can keep VTEC.
  9. d16y5 issues trip'd codes! smoke! rough idle! wtf?

    General Tech
    PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE POST TO HAVE A FULL IDEA OF WHAT IS GOING ON HERE heres my setup first of all that i just purchased a week or so ago its a 95 hatchback with a d16y5 swapped into it using a obd1 to obd2a harness for the p2n ecu issues im trippping the following codes 22 vtec oil...
  10. Need some advice

    Engine Building
    okay so before anyone says anything about SEARCH, I have and went through about 20 pages and i saw nothing on my case. I have a d16y5 vtec bottom end and and d16y7 non vtec top end. is this going to cause in complications?
  11. d16y5 to?? please help!!

    Engine Building
    ok so this was my idea, i originally wanted to replace the d16y5 block on my HX to a d16y7 block and keep my original y5 head with all the sensors and everything, but on my other post i was told that the y7 block will give me the same results as the y5 block will.... so now my new question is...
  12. d16y5 head with d16y7 block??

    Engine Building
    ok so i have a d16y5 engine on my 96 civic hx which i believe is a vtec-e and i have laying around a d16y7 non vtec engine and a ex 5spd transmission so i wanted to do a mini me swap but i want to know what i need to do this? will the d16y7 block fit on to my d16y5 head and will the ecu from my...
  13. i need help.

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    hey ive asked my stupid questions here before and people seem to not mind answering them.. so here i go.. i messed up bad.. i have a 98 civic hx coupe. and i thought that a mini me ahd been done to it. cuz it has an ex transmission. so i took the valve cover off to see if i had vtec or vtec-e...
  14. rankenhead

    Engine Building
    out of sheer idiotic curiosity, would it be possible to use the lifters and such out of a y5 and put them into a y7? i tried doing some searches here and on google, but no luck. would have just tried to fit them on my spare head, but kinda hard when there is a 300+ mile difference between my...
  15. HX '96 Civic

    I have a hx civic and am wondering what ecu conversion i should do, or if i should even do one at all, I know my car runs an OBD2a and people say the OBD1 is good for easy tuning, but there some thing wrong with the y5 head that im running, something about an egr valve. Please Help!!!!!!
  16. Apex-I SAFC2 For D16y5

    Engine Management
    I need some help hookin up a safc2 on civic does any body have the wiring or the Pin layout for A 97 hX ???? ANY HELP WILL BE WELCOME
  17. 97ex coupe build. Pics included

    Welcome to my thread! 1997 Honda civic ex coupe build. When I originally wanted to build a Honda I wanted more power without sacrificing economy and maybe even approve upon it. Even though many said they are inversely proportional I choose to disagree. I originally wanted to build a jdm...