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  1. General Tech
    I spun a bearing on my y7 and don't have the help to rebuild it so I was wondering what I needed to put a z6 head on a y5 block such as head gasket and timing belt which one would I need i haven't been able to find anything on a y5/z6 only forums I've found tall about the VTEC-E which I can't...
  2. Engine Building
    Hello to everyone on d-series i have a d16y5 on my 96 hx and i just discovered that my head is blown so i was wondering if any of you could tell me WHAT EXACTLY DO I NEED TO SWAP IN A D16Z6 HEAD ON MY D16Y5 BLOCK will i need to swap my ecu? if so to what? do i need to swap my engine wiring...
1-2 of 2 Results