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  1. Looking to D16Y8 swap my 99 ek1 civic

    New Member Introductions
    Hi all, I’m new to owning a Honda and all the bits and pieces that come with it. I am running a stock D16Y4 and while it’s good fun I want something a little more powerful but I want to keep the D-Series motor I’ve had 10+ people telling me “just b-series swap it” but I like the d-series (hence...
  2. Introduction// and FI questions

    Forced Induction
    Hi everyone!! Just joined n00b at DSO! I purchased my '99 civic hatch cxi EK1 [D16Y4](AUDM) couple months ago and I LOVE IT. After making some classic Asian cosmetic upgrades and gizmos, I'm looking at a forced induction option. The engine is a SOHC Aus-DM 1.6 engine at 115,xxx KMs. I...
  3. d16y4 to replace d15z1 in EG

    Naturally Aspirated
    Gday, just new to this, so i apoligise for my ignorance, but any help is much appreciated. i have a EG VEI 5sp 4 door 1994 with a D15Z1. Bought the car with a blown headgasket. Replaced all gaskets, had head checked and machined, valves reground etc... got it all back together and car last 10km...
  4. Aftermarket exaust

    New Member Introductions
    hey, I have been thinking about an aftermarket exaust for my d16y4. so am just asking a few questions. 1) headders or extractors? which is better and why? 2) whats a good high flow cat? 3) cat back systems, was thinking 2 1/4" with cannon exaust but would a 2" with cannon still be as good? if...
  5. Turbo d16y4

    New Member Introductions
    hay i have a 1999 ek1 and am thinking of going forced induction. ive found a bolt on kit that i think would be good (dont realy know alot when it comes to turbos im normaly a N/A man). but ive asked the supplier several questions about it and all they have said is exactly what is on the website...
  6. D16y4 Best Spark plugs

    New Member Introductions
    hay im from Australia I own a 1999 civic ek1 with a d16y4. and ive been thinking about getting performance spark plugs. Was just wondering if anyone can help with deciding the best spark plugs for me. im running NGK ZFR5J-11 spark plugs, caliber pod and cia (if that helps) thanks