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  1. Engine Building
    hey just a psa, the “D16Y” head studs from arp are too short to use on a d16y8. the “d16” 208-4301 is the correct set. haven’t really seen this covered on here so yeah :)
  2. Engine Building
    I just recently bought a 97 civic coupe with a d16y7 non vtec. not even a week later I through a rod through the block. I now have a d16 vtec bottom end and im going to use my non vtec top end. Is this a good idea? Im still new to the Honda scene so any help would be great. and what other mods...
  3. Engine Building
    If anyone has a d16Z6 cylinder head off the car could you please tell me which valves should be open at TDC for cyl 1 for a D16Z6 head. I'm doing a head swap and for some reason I'm "tripping out" so to say and it's making me question my judgement. Doubts: 1. Could this bastard head have a...
  4. Engine Management
    1997 Civic CX, Manual I've checked the basic four: Spark (yellow), gas (plugs get wet), timing (seems ok), compression (about 90 per). Right now I'm working on spark (yellow is bad, blue is good) but I'm wondering if there might be something more obvious or typical of this model that I should...
1-4 of 4 Results