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  1. Engine Building
    A guy i know has a d16z6 that hes built for sale i need to know what you guys think of the build and wether or not i should buy it. Thanks Hes selling for $1300...... Head D16z6 head, rebuild by Cylinder Head Service in Spokane, WA Stock port New OEM valve seals New OEM retainers New...
  2. General Tech
    whats up im looking to build a y8 to replace me existing one in my 00 ex. i want to bump the hp some , have a pnp head to put on was wondering whats a good piston rod setup etc.. any help you can give me would be great also not trying to spend alot of money
  3. Engine Building
    hello? I have a D16Z9 but now someone told me that I should take zc Pistons pm7 ? but witch crankshaft and connecting rods and the color of lower scales should i use ? because the color code?? sorry for my english i am from belgium
1-3 of 3 Results