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  1. DOHC ZC
    Welp, finally got around to the installation, YouTube link. This set up is using GTR ignition coils, as both the honda coils stick out a few inches, whereas these sit nice and flush! Major thanks to Chris @ digi dizzy Dave Florence for the bro tip on the coils And Matt Mathers for being such...
  2. General Tech
    Hey guys, I need some help figuring out if a oil sump that I want to buy will fit and if so if I'll need to change the oil pickup. First of all I have the D16A9 on my 89 CRX and during its past someone destroyed the oil sump to a point of no return, and I'm looking for a new to replace...
  3. DOHC ZC
    Hi , Does anyone knows , where can i find a kit of silicon hoses for d16A9 engine, i found that D16z6,D16Y8 have a good fitment, but..there is a upper radiator hose in d16A9 that is totally different compare with other D16/D15. My car is a Del sol D16A9 , i guess is an SI version por Euro...
  4. DOHC ZC
    Hello Everyone. I´m Axel From Argentina.. I have an Honda Civic SI 1993 with D16A9 ( japaniece version ) Please, can anyone tell me the values to check the oil pressure??. the car runs perfect but I will make all services with original parts including water pump. I afraid to replace the...
  5. Showcase
    Hello D-Series forum! My name is Nuno, and i'm from Portugal. I have a Civic MB1 with a D16A9 swap'd. (Original was D16Y2 126hp v-tec) Here are some pictures: When i got it :) Swap D16Y2 to D16A9
1-5 of 5 Results