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  1. General Tech
    Hey guys, my friend gave me a manual ECU that came along with a 3-stage VTEC D15B engine. The ECU ID is 37820-PLR-J01. My question is, can this ECU be chipped and used on a D16A? Respect Edit: After researching, its from a D17 engine 2000-2002 Civic. I'm guess the answer is no.
  2. General Tech
    My brother has a manual '89 Civic Si with the 1.6 L engine. I think that's a D16A engine from my research. The problem is his car has a few really nasty problems including rust. He's found an '91 Civic with an automatic tranny for a good price, the car is great except the engine isn't working...
  3. Transmission alley
    Okay guys, i been looking for a while. I have a Civic 1994 Ex with a Jdm D16A Vtec engine. The engine took me about half a days research to find out that it really is from japan. Now the problem that I have is that I want to make my car stick shift. its an automatic. I been looking around and...
  4. Transmission alley
    i brought a eg 93 si with a twincam d16a8 motor, the motor is blowing smoke and rings need fixing. now my friend has a vtec d16y1 motor hes willing to give to me..i just want to know can put the vtec motor on the transmission of of my si
  5. General Tech
    I'm quite a noob here and I hope some one can help me with my low idle problem. My idle is always low (around 600rpm w/ ac and 800rpm w/o ac). This started when my friend and I tried to combine a PH15 carb block and a ported/polished D16A VTEC head from Japan. We already advanced the distributor...
  6. Engine Building
    i got a y7 block at the moment and im planning on doing the mini me swap tomorrow. i got a 97 honda civic coupe. has d16y7 engine the parts i will be putting on: z6 head z6 IM/TB z6 distrubutor z6 head gasket jumper harness obd2a to obd1 p28 but i will be swapping in a 99-2000 civic ex intake...
  7. Engine Management
    Hey ya'll, i did a compression test fully warmed up and throttle fully open, the motor is a stock d16a vtec and got cylinder 1, 210 psi cylinder 2, 210 psi cylinder 3, 205 psi cylinder 4, 210 psi i was wondering what that would be for a CR. I was also thinking of milling the head to...
  8. Engine Building
    Keep hearing this head is equivalent to a usdm z6 in a lot of ways, but also heard from a guy they shipped him one as a stand-in for a y8. So cam/cam gear-wise what should I be using to avoid the 5 degree retard problem?
1-8 of 8 Results