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  1. Is it easy to put an Si (D16A?) engine into a non-Si?

    General Tech
    My brother has a manual '89 Civic Si with the 1.6 L engine. I think that's a D16A engine from my research. The problem is his car has a few really nasty problems including rust. He's found an '91 Civic with an automatic tranny for a good price, the car is great except the engine isn't working...
  2. D16a transmission compatability

    Transmission alley
    Okay guys, i been looking for a while. I have a Civic 1994 Ex with a Jdm D16A Vtec engine. The engine took me about half a days research to find out that it really is from japan. Now the problem that I have is that I want to make my car stick shift. its an automatic. I been looking around and...
  3. Can u install a D16y1 engine on a d16a8/zc gearbox???

    Transmission alley
    i brought a eg 93 si with a twincam d16a8 motor, the motor is blowing smoke and rings need fixing. now my friend has a vtec d16y1 motor hes willing to give to me..i just want to know can put the vtec motor on the transmission of of my si
  4. low idle

    General Tech
    I'm quite a noob here and I hope some one can help me with my low idle problem. My idle is always low (around 600rpm w/ ac and 800rpm w/o ac). This started when my friend and I tried to combine a PH15 carb block and a ported/polished D16A VTEC head from Japan. We already advanced the distributor...
  5. d16y7 with d16z6 head mini me

    Engine Building
    i got a y7 block at the moment and im planning on doing the mini me swap tomorrow. i got a 97 honda civic coupe. has d16y7 engine the parts i will be putting on: z6 head z6 IM/TB z6 distrubutor z6 head gasket jumper harness obd2a to obd1 p28 but i will be swapping in a 99-2000 civic ex intake...
  6. Compression test question

    Engine Management
    Hey ya'll, i did a compression test fully warmed up and throttle fully open, the motor is a stock d16a vtec and got cylinder 1, 210 psi cylinder 2, 210 psi cylinder 3, 205 psi cylinder 4, 210 psi i was wondering what that would be for a CR. I was also thinking of milling the head to...
  7. Cam for d16a? (the JDM vtec one)

    Engine Building
    Keep hearing this head is equivalent to a usdm z6 in a lot of ways, but also heard from a guy they shipped him one as a stand-in for a y8. So cam/cam gear-wise what should I be using to avoid the 5 degree retard problem?