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  1. D16ZC Imported from Japan Motor Swap Questions

    General Tech
    Hello, I just recently swapped my 93 civic lx d15 motor and trans for a 97 D16zc with trans with 57k on both from HMO. We did everything right but discovered that 1 of the fuel injectors was bad so it wouldn’t start. A buddy of ours came over with some new injectors and she started right up...
  2. New to the community BARBASLIFE yes I am the D-series youtuber

    New Member Introductions
    Whats up everyone to start I always hated these forums because of many people who talk crap just keeping it real with you guys no offense. Thats the reason I never joined until now. I have always been obsessed with the D-series engine I have been messing with them since early 2000. My name is...
  3. D16Y8 400HP Build? your thoughts.

    Hello my name is jack and I'm currently planning on a "Fun Daily Car" I Drive a "Honda Del Sol From 1996" It's an alright car. some fun add on parts. "BUT Let's Continue" I was looking for around 400HP I will make a small list down here so we don't have to read that much! it's a list what I...
  4. Does this work for a D16Y8?

    Transmission alley
    So here's the story, I bought a 1997 Honda Civic EX Sedan with a D16Y8 Fully built. I don't think the build list matters but if you are curious just ask. The current Tranny on the car has a few issues. The biggest issue that is killing me is 2nd gear. It pops out of gear when going from 1st to...
  5. BUILD UPDATE!!! Still need suggestions.

    Forced Induction
    So from my last thread I have dropped a few things off the list with the help from you guys. I have now came to the realization the 500whp is quite a lot for a street car and probably even more money than previously thought. My new power goals would preferably 300 - 350whp but 400 also seems fun...
  6. Need help building a z6!! I'm new at this.

    Forced Induction
    Hi guys, I'm a new member to D-series and I need help with suggestions or recommendations on parts I've already picked out for a future D16Z6 build. I have never built a car before and plan to build my first Honda very soon. Of course all of my parts are from eBay and I need people who build...
  7. Accord CG7 Europe Version (D16)

    Hello to all from Greece. I own 1 Honda Accord 2003 model The engine has the D16B6 and I have installed a gas system. In 2 years of use with gas I have made 80,000 kilometers
  8. Engine Issues D16Y7

    New Member Introductions
    Hi guys, new here to D-series forums. I own a D16Y7 and I'm having some trouble starting and this is an unusual problem. Yes I have done some google work already let's get that out of the way. Let me brief you: So i have this d16y7 engine that I pulled out of a 96 LX. The distributor was offset...
  9. what to get / how? first build

    New Member Introductions
    Looking to build up a engine I picked up well I keep the one currently in my car stock to I get this one built ( that and just to have a back up as it is my daily as well) I have done some research but still have questions and I know the stock block can handle power on stock internals but I want...
  10. D16a8 turbo build

    So I've got a 1988 crx hf with the edm dohc zc swapped in and wired to run obd1 computer. Stock bore stock pistons stock stock stock.... stage one port on the head. Pistons are out crank everything is ready to get sent off to machine shop. I have dam blue top 450cc injectors and fuel pump out 1g...
  11. D16Y8 OBD2 Automatic Civic JRSC Question

    New Member Introductions
    I really REALLY hate to be that guy, but I am about to put a JRSC on my civic that I do not care too too much about, but still want to drive occasionally. 6lb pulley, wideband O2 sensor, fuel pressure regulation, but NO TUNE. It is an automatic, nobody has done this to my knowledge. I'm just...
  12. D16A6 Turbo Thread

    New Member Introductions
    Hello! Just last Wednesday (12/7) I picked up a 1991 Civic Si! 5spd, no power steering, and I love it a ton. Currently trying to sell my other car, but for now I am trying to research turboing the D16A6 and I just have a few questions. I've been doing some research and there really arent a lot...
  13. Exhaust Valves

    New Member Introductions
    Anyone have any recommendations for replacement OEM quality (or better) exhaust valves for D16A6? I am in the process of repairing an engine that broke a connecting rod and hit the valves on cylinder #4. Honda still offers replacement intake valves (Part# 14711-PM3-000), but they tell me that...
  14. Error code 8 went away after fixing code 7 but came back

    Engine Management
    Hey guys, Since I can't work on my car at the moment, I'm pondering for a while now. A few days ago, I calibrated my TPS (error code 7) on D16Z5. This made the car run normally and not hesitate to near-stall when flooring it. Also, right on the first start, error code 8, which is for the Top...
  15. Vacuum lines D16Z5

    Engine Management
    Hello, Looking at the throttle body of a D16Z5, I noticed there is a little pipe (highlighted in the attached photo) missing a hose. When revving the engine the pipe emits hissing sounds. My question is what should that little pipe be connected to?
  16. d16y7 turbo questions...

    New Member Introductions
    hey guy! first post on here so sorry if this has been answered. so ive been looking at some d16y7 turbos and everyone uses a y8 tb and a y8 im (throttle body and intake manifold). im wondering why i cant just use the y7 ones? i have a y8 im but not a y8 tb so do i need the y8 tb? ive seen a...
  17. EJ1 D16Z6 RPM guage problem

    Naturally Aspirated
    Hi dudes, i'm from brazil and i have a 94 civic ej1 exs mt d16z6. My car are have a rpm guage problem, at idle the guage shows 700-800rpm, at 60mph show 2000rpm and the cut-off are on 5900-6000 when its suppose to be 7200 rpm what can be the problem? ps: sorry my poor english
  18. DIY No Slop Shifter for $14.99 - Lowe's

    DIY Forum
    Hello everyone on DSO and guests. For the longest time, I've had quite a bit of slop in my shifter. About a 3 inch range of side to side motion when in any gear. This made my 1-2 shift TERRIBLE and made it feel like gear lockout when revving out the car. For $14.99 a friend and I have solved...
  19. identify these wheels?

    Wheels and Tire zone
    Hey guys, I wonder if you could take a crack at identifying these wheels. I can't find an example of them anywhere. They say Enkei on the inside of them, but I think they're stock Honda wheels.
  20. Edelbrock Flange Flatness

    Engine Building
    Can you all let me know how well seated the nuts are on your Edelbrock Performer intake sit? Because mine were absolute shit and the IM needed serious modifications out of the box. It doesn't look like they tried to install it once. But I haven't heard this complaint before so maybe most dont...