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d16 turbo

  1. does not hit full rev

    General Tech
    hello, I have d16 turbo currently facing a issue tried checking with many workshops but couldn't figure it out. My rev limit is set to 7k rpms, after 2 or 3 pulls my car wouldnt hit full revs, mostly happens when car is kept on for like 20-30mins. I feels like there is a lag and it won't pass...
  2. BUILD UPDATE!!! Still need suggestions.

    Forced Induction
    So from my last thread I have dropped a few things off the list with the help from you guys. I have now came to the realization the 500whp is quite a lot for a street car and probably even more money than previously thought. My new power goals would preferably 300 - 350whp but 400 also seems fun...
  3. turbo z6/y8 build

    Forced Induction
    Hello all as you guys can see I am a noon to this forum but I am building a d16z6 with a y8 head. I chose the y8 head because I had an extra one around and my z6 head is still on my current daily. So far I have , Y8 head milled .016 Super tech valves, valve springs , retainers , stem seals...
  4. Crome pro with antilag?

    Engine Management
    Hey guys me and my buddy has been messing with crome pro on my boosted z6 with chipped p28 ecu. We got most stuff down afr/timings/two steps/engagements etc. My car car made great power with little mazdaspeed turbo. now the question is has anyone tried the anti lag with crome? Im thinking maybe...
  5. D16y8 Pre turbo build up - suggestions * 2cents please

    Engine Building
    Okay, I'm new here and new to working on cars all together - but I'm an extremely fast learner. I've always been fortunate to not even have to change my own oil or fix my own flats; having a love for engineering, the only thing I have never taken apart and or built is a car. For fun I recently...
  6. D16 Turbo setup HELP!!

    Forced Induction
    Hey guys I need help setting up a turbo for my 95 civic. I have the turbo, I wanna run 10 psi of boost with stock internals. I talked to a guy about tuning it and he said I need a Fuel Management Unit, an ecu and a fuel pump. He recommended a Hondata S300 what do you guys think?? What about a...