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  1. My ZC all motor results

    Naturally Aspirated
    So i recently tuned and i made: 115hp - 109tq (MOTOR) 180Hp - 179tq (37Jet/68shot NOS) and that was only the first and only pull on the nitrous, i seemed to have injector issues, connectors were moving a bit too much and i needed a relay on my Gas pump(340LPH KEMSO) My setup is : 64mm TB Stock...
  2. D16A6 rebuild

    Engine Building
    Hello all, I'll preface this with the fact that I am completely inexperienced when it comes to engines and I am in the learning phase. My 1990 Si recently started fouling plugs in the 2nd cylinder. A friend walked me through pulling the head off, as he figured a valve seal had gone and was...
  3. D16Y8 400HP Build? your thoughts.

    Hello my name is jack and I'm currently planning on a "Fun Daily Car" I Drive a "Honda Del Sol From 1996" It's an alright car. some fun add on parts. "BUT Let's Continue" I was looking for around 400HP I will make a small list down here so we don't have to read that much! it's a list what I...
  4. Need Help Buying a new 5spd Tranny D16Y8!!

    Transmission alley
    So I just recently bought my first civic and It needs a new Tranny. 2nd gear pops out and grinds. 3rd just lightly grinds putting it in. I need suggestions for buying a new one. looking for a cheaper low mileage one. preferably less than 300$ hopefully not eBay. maybe you guys can sell me one or...
  5. BUILD UPDATE!!! Still need suggestions.

    Forced Induction
    So from my last thread I have dropped a few things off the list with the help from you guys. I have now came to the realization the 500whp is quite a lot for a street car and probably even more money than previously thought. My new power goals would preferably 300 - 350whp but 400 also seems fun...
  6. D16 aftermarket bearing sizes to OEM color crossover

    Engine Building
    Does anyone by any chance know what color the STD bearings would be closest to? I have found lists for the thickness of each color but i cant seem to find a thickness for the aftermarket STD bearings and i have ran into bearing clearance issues due to the lovely array of bearing sizes Honda...
  7. D16ZC Turbo EG Civic from Pakistan

    Engine Details: D16ZC Engine SRP Pistons Eagle Rods ARP HeadStuds ARP Rod Bolts Cometic Head Gasket ACT 6 Puck Clutch HD Pressure Plate Oil Catch Can with Braided Lines OEM Radiator Password JDM Radiator Stary Password JDM Valve Cover Washers Password JDM Vtech Solenoid Cover R-Spec strut bar...
  8. D16 rods and D15 pistons, CAN IT BE DONE?

    Engine Building
    I've looked at a lot of different threads, and I still cannot find a define answer on if a D15 pistons will fit the rods of a D16 and what will happen if they go into a D16Y7 block. Anyone done this before?
  9. NPR P29s

    For Sale
    I have brand new in box npr p29 pistons with rings. The rods that I have will not work with these pistons they are std bore 75mm and have never been installed or run. asking for $85 this is what I have in them and would like to put the money back to buy a different set of pistons. You can...
  10. d16y8 build (vitara CR)

    Engine Building
    I'm still relatively new to engine building and only after joining this forum did i learn of the vitara build. For my build I really want to go for a 9-9.1:1 CR, with the vitara build I was looking at this forum,
  11. Tranny Swap from Auto 2 Manny

    Transmission alley
    has anybody done this? if so what problems did you run into plan on swapping from a d15b to d16a6 w/ si trans
  12. 14b d16 turbo ideas

    Forced Induction
    14b d16 turbo ideas/ build anyone have any experience with these? im looking for some help and did some searching. my plan is to build a d16z6 with dsm 14b turbo. im only hoping for a 200-250 DD 95 hatch.. so far ive got a warlbro 255,p28,arp head bolts,z6 head bought a TD04hl 13t from Jdm rvr...
  13. D16y8 Pre turbo build up - suggestions * 2cents please

    Engine Building
    Okay, I'm new here and new to working on cars all together - but I'm an extremely fast learner. I've always been fortunate to not even have to change my own oil or fix my own flats; having a love for engineering, the only thing I have never taken apart and or built is a car. For fun I recently...