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d16 block

  1. Z6 timing issue

    General Tech
    I have a ongoing issue I hope someone can help with. Built Vitara Z6. I'm having a timing issue. So I line up the crank with the white single slash and the corresponding marks on the cam gear. So in theory this should be correct. But I'm still only at 11* of timing. Even with the dizzy maxed I...
  2. Stock D16y8 low boost build?

    General Tech
    So I have a small T30 eBay turbo and a stock D16y7 With a y8 head on it. The car and bottom end has 117k on it and the head is brand new and machined. If I take my small T30 turbo and a small little intercooler and hook it up and tune it to like 12 PSI could I reliably daily drive it. Not...
  3. d16y5 head with d16y7 block??

    Engine Building
    ok so i have a d16y5 engine on my 96 civic hx which i believe is a vtec-e and i have laying around a d16y7 non vtec engine and a ex 5spd transmission so i wanted to do a mini me swap but i want to know what i need to do this? will the d16y7 block fit on to my d16y5 head and will the ecu from my...
  4. D16z6. TEXAS AREA or will pay shipping anywhere 48 continental states

    Want to Buy
    i need a d16z6 as the title states. shoot me a pm and with pics and ill def buy from you if in good condition. DOES NOT have to be RUNNING. just has to have the ability to be rebuilt. (i.e. no cracked blocks or anything like that) i really only need block and crank with girdle and sensors...