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  1. Engine Building
    So I've been enjoying the high compression life fairly well until the last 2 weeks. It seems that my trusty Del Sol has developed oil leaks. Mainly the front and rear main seal and the oil pan gasket. I installed a catch can whilst building my engine and as my luck would have it during a drive...
  2. Engine Building
    Hi all, first post here I've tried looking around but couldn't find what I was looking for. Next week I'm tearing apart my D16Z6 from my Del Sol to turn it into an N/A high compression build. I got some DNJ P29 pistons and rings, but my question is: How do I install them? I know that I take out...
  3. Naturally Aspirated
    Wassup guys im new to this , but i own a 2000 Civic Ex Sedan With a D16y8 with everything working 92,000 miles , its my daily and i dont beat on it i just cruise and chill has i believe 125hp? , but i want to put bolt ons to make atleast 20-30hp or so just to give it a lil pep . If any body can...
  4. Naturally Aspirated
    The code I'm seeing on the cam is B127 and I'm not sure if its an aftermarket or OEM cam. I was told it was an aftermarket cam but really not sure. Does anyone know this code?
  5. Engine Building
    Hi guys, I just swapped d16y7 intake with the y8 intake manifold. However the car acceleration is slower after the swap and I can feel something is holding back the acceleration around 6000rpm. Is this something got to do with camshaft advancing and retarding. TDC and BDC is as per the marks by...
  6. Showcase
    Hello and greetings from Bulgaria. I'm new here and English is not my first language so i'm sorry for any mistakes or if the thread is not in the right section. I will try to be short. I have the car civic ej9 with D14A4 for about 4 years and it's a non stop ungoing project. At first i started...
1-6 of 6 Results