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d15z1 z6 minime hybrid

  1. D15b Vtec E turbo build!

    Forced Induction
    This will be my first turbo build and ive spent the last week reading up on crome and neptune. I have a d15b vtec bottom end with a JDM d15b vtec head (lowers compression) so from what i read it should be around 8.. I also read that a few people put 12-14 psi on a Similar set up.. Has anyone...
  2. My D15Z1 Mini-Me Build

    Hello all, Chris 91CiVX here to update my current DD project with great new's for all who are on a budget and wanted to know about that dreaded Z1 Mini-Me build being worth the time and effort to still have a reliable gas saving 90 whp 2095lbs 92-95si 5spd + VX Clutch & Flywheel go cart that can...