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  1. General Tech
    First off, I don't make threads unless I'm completely stumped. I may just be in a bad mood and not thinking straight. Here goes. Engine is a d15beast7. I found a tear in my lower pcv hose going to the black box while changing my oil the other day. The tear was right before where the clamp...
  2. Naturally Aspirated
    Hello, thanks for taking the time to look at this. I just had a few questions that I wanted to double check on before I started my D15BEAST7 build. 1) What's the correct timing belt/water pump to use with this build? I don't believe I've read anything that said not to use the B7 OEM, but I...
  3. Showcase
    Well, with the help of everyone elses smart ideas I'm going to start my very own build thread......on a brokedick budget!!!! lol My goal is to make my daily driven d15b7 powered 95 lx sedan a fun to drive "experience" monday through friday. My plans include revamping the fuel system, improving...
1-3 of 3 Results