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d15b7 non vtec

  1. ECU - Main Relay Question

    I read the " unofficial my car won't start thread" thanks, Guest. When you bench test a main relay, test one, pos to 6, neg to 8, check continuity from 5 to 7, GOOD, so relay is good Plug the Main Relay in. WHY does the ECU send power from A7 to #8 MR, and power from B9 to #6 MR. That's 2...
  2. 91 crx hf d15b7 swap

    Naturally Aspirated
    Hey everyone, If this is already up somewhere please point me in the right direction. I chose this swap because I found a d15b7 and an A6 transmission for cheap and it seems to be a straight forward swap where motor mounts and transmission components match up well. This is my daily driver...
  3. d15b7 Idle issues

    New Member Introductions
    ok so a couple weeks ago i tackled an engine swap, i replaced the d15b8(boat anchor) with a d15b7 picked up a different ecu p06 for the b7, started her up and it was idle surging from 1k to 3k back and forth, so i figured it was the iacv, i wound up partially covering up the fitv opening with...
  4. Help with build?

    Engine Building
    hey i have a d15b7 and i was looking in to a mini me swap with a z6 head or a jdm spec d15b head which ones better? i know theirs a lot of write ups but where do i get the parts i need? and any tips or comments? Also if i was to turbo in the future which swap would be better if any?