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d15b7 block

  1. Have Any Tips to Get a D15B7/8 to Run Well?

    General Tech
    Long story short, I have a 92 Civic CX Hatch that had the cursed 8-valve D15B8, however had the bottom end containing 4-valve relief pistons. So I did a head swap from a D15B7 and have gained quite a noticeable increase in power as well as gas consumption. Very bad gas mileage... about 20 mpg...
  2. D15B7 with D16Z6 head?

    Engine Building
    Just like the title says, is it possible to slap a d16z6 head on a d15b7 block? All I want out of this mini swap is vtec and I have a d16z6 head with skunk 2 pro intake mani. My main concern, WILL THIS WORK? I don't want to buy anything to build this head up yet if I don't know if it will even...
  3. Mini me head swap helppp

    Engine Building
    What all do i have to change out when i put a D16Y8 head on my D15B7 Block???
  4. D15B7 block with D16A6 head - project by n00b

    Hi, I recently obtained a swap that consists of A6 head and B7 block. The guy that gave this thing was really excited about it and I said why the hell not. So now it is mine, and I would like to put it to use. Background: I have 1988 Civic STD which runs just fine in its stock form, but it...