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  1. Transmission alley
    I was wondering if I could take a fwd tranny from a 88 civic wagon and put it in a 88 civic hatchback
  2. Naturally Aspirated
    Hello all! I own a 1990 ED6 hatchback that has the aforementioned D15b1 DPI. I also have in my possession an "Intake Manifold" that bolts up to the cylinder head that points up 90 degrees and perfectly allows dual Weber 40 carbies to sit on top. I was looking on Honda-Tech and I've seen that...
  3. Engine Building
    Hi i've a Honda EF 1991 1.5L 16v D15b1 DPI But I had an accident and my block was ruined. Any other block that is similar to D15b1 that can only change without problems?
  4. Naturally Aspirated
    Hello, I am new to posting here but I need some advice for a LeMons race car. FYI on what LeMons racing is, its a race series developed for racing cars with a budget under $500 total(car and upgrades). I have recently purchased a 91 civic with a d15b1. I got it for $350 with a broken timing...
  5. General Tech
    Hello all, I'm fairly new to the world of mechanics, and so far I've been doing alright. However, I have a problem that's leaving me stumped. My 1990 EF Hatchback has been bogging down badly. It usually happens after I've been driving for a bit. What happens is this: In first, when I let out...
  6. Engine Building
    alright i am a new honda owner. what parts do i need and how do i swap it. or is it easyer to go to a pick n pull and fiind a zc vtech? if thats recomended what transmission do i need? id prefer it to be standard.
  7. Engine Building
    I have a 89 CRX that I am swapping. everything is bolted up right. I kept the old intake manifold so that I didn't have to convert it over to MPFI. I had to do some wiring to get the z6 dizzy to connect. But it still wont start, is there a way to get the old dizzy to bolt on? PLEASE HELP!
  8. Transmission alley
    Hey guys, my names myles im new to this forum but not new to cars . i have a 99 ex but i jus blew my y8 and i got a d15b1 FOR FREE! my question is (yes i have searched) can i put the d15 in with the y8 tranny. from the searches i have seen people ask about y8 tranny into the ef chassis but i...
  9. Engine Building
    Hello.I'm 19 and I just bought my first honda a few weeks ago. I've already fixed a ton of small things on it and now I want to do something a little more advanced. It's a '90 civic hatch with a d15b1. I want to make it a little faster and I heard converting it to MPFI makes quite a difference...
  10. Engine Building
    Im new here but i wanted to know if its possible and what all is involved in puttin a d16y8 head on a d15b1. The d15 was a replacement for my blown up y8 and was desperate. I like my lil d15 and it is built i just want it to be Vtec any help would be great thanx.
  11. General Tech
    i have a 90 hatch bought it with a blown head gasket and since i have to take it off anyway i was wondering if i could use a different head possibly DOHC any help is appreciated
  12. Forced Induction
    Ok I have been doing this thread on, so lets see how it goes on here. as some of you know I got my engine out, and the head off and everything. Waiting for the hone so I can hone it out. Today was fun, I got the MPFI conversion started. Got the injector resistor wires, injector...
  13. General Tech
    hey guys im a newby so bear with me. i just did a mpfi conversion on my d15b1 motor. im using a skunk2 intake manifold, pm6 ecu, fuel resistor box off an 91 si civic, and an obd0 ls dizzy. i know im supposed to use the si one, but my brother said itll run with the ls one. i got the car to start...
1-13 of 13 Results