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  1. Engine Building
    Hi i've a Honda EF 1991 1.5L 16v D15b1 DPI But I had an accident and my block was ruined. Any other block that is similar to D15b1 that can only change without problems?
  2. Naturally Aspirated
    Hello, I am new to posting here but I need some advice for a LeMons race car. FYI on what LeMons racing is, its a race series developed for racing cars with a budget under $500 total(car and upgrades). I have recently purchased a 91 civic with a d15b1. I got it for $350 with a broken timing...
  3. General Tech
    Hello all, I'm fairly new to the world of mechanics, and so far I've been doing alright. However, I have a problem that's leaving me stumped. My 1990 EF Hatchback has been bogging down badly. It usually happens after I've been driving for a bit. What happens is this: In first, when I let out...
  4. Engine Building
    alright i am a new honda owner. what parts do i need and how do i swap it. or is it easyer to go to a pick n pull and fiind a zc vtech? if thats recomended what transmission do i need? id prefer it to be standard.
  5. Engine Building
    I have a 89 CRX that I am swapping. everything is bolted up right. I kept the old intake manifold so that I didn't have to convert it over to MPFI. I had to do some wiring to get the z6 dizzy to connect. But it still wont start, is there a way to get the old dizzy to bolt on? PLEASE HELP!
  6. Transmission alley
    Hey guys, my names myles im new to this forum but not new to cars . i have a 99 ex but i jus blew my y8 and i got a d15b1 FOR FREE! my question is (yes i have searched) can i put the d15 in with the y8 tranny. from the searches i have seen people ask about y8 tranny into the ef chassis but i...
  7. Engine Building
    Hello.I'm 19 and I just bought my first honda a few weeks ago. I've already fixed a ton of small things on it and now I want to do something a little more advanced. It's a '90 civic hatch with a d15b1. I want to make it a little faster and I heard converting it to MPFI makes quite a difference...
  8. Engine Building
    Im new here but i wanted to know if its possible and what all is involved in puttin a d16y8 head on a d15b1. The d15 was a replacement for my blown up y8 and was desperate. I like my lil d15 and it is built i just want it to be Vtec any help would be great thanx.
  9. General Tech
    i have a 90 hatch bought it with a blown head gasket and since i have to take it off anyway i was wondering if i could use a different head possibly DOHC any help is appreciated
  10. Forced Induction
    Ok I have been doing this thread on, so lets see how it goes on here. as some of you know I got my engine out, and the head off and everything. Waiting for the hone so I can hone it out. Today was fun, I got the MPFI conversion started. Got the injector resistor wires, injector...
  11. General Tech
    hey guys im a newby so bear with me. i just did a mpfi conversion on my d15b1 motor. im using a skunk2 intake manifold, pm6 ecu, fuel resistor box off an 91 si civic, and an obd0 ls dizzy. i know im supposed to use the si one, but my brother said itll run with the ls one. i got the car to start...
1-11 of 11 Results