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  1. General Tech
    Hello everyone, I have a JDM D15B (carb) pm3-11 head with an mpfi setup. Couple of things to note with this engine because everything is scrambled. Yes the rods are 134mm and same Journal size as the d15b7 same with main journals as well. Also the d15b carb has a much more aggressive camshaft...
  2. New Member Introductions
    I'm thebearded_fish. Been dabbling in the Honda scene for the last couple of years. I've owned a 91 Integra, 89 CRX HF, two 89 Civic Hatches, 96 Civic Hatch and a 92 Integra. Currently, I still own one of the 89 Hatches, the 96 Hatch and I daily the 92 Integra. The plan for the 96 is to...
  3. General Tech
    Hey guys, my friend gave me a manual ECU that came along with a 3-stage VTEC D15B engine. The ECU ID is 37820-PLR-J01. My question is, can this ECU be chipped and used on a D16A? Respect Edit: After researching, its from a D17 engine 2000-2002 Civic. I'm guess the answer is no.
  4. Engine Building
    Ive looked around for about 30 minutes but cant seem to find proper part numbers for the belts, people say d16 works and people say no its too big and I am confused. Sorry I know this sounds like a dumb question.
  5. Engine Building
    I have a cylinder head with p2j-2 and 96 stamp on RS, I'd like to know if anyone knows which one is it, i can't find anywhere what this is, got it at the junk yard, it had a y8 intake mani, and a d15b block and an s20 tranny when i pulled it out, i feel like is a d16y8 but im not completely...
  6. Engine Management
    So recently I crashed my Ef, Due to the impact the engine broke the oil pump, Crank Pulley, and sump. So Before I go and buy the remaining parts I need to fix my engine, do you think the engine might be broken internally from the collision given that the Crank Pulley basically got thorn up or...
  7. Engine Building
    Hey guys I have a ef civic with a jdm d15b vtec in it. I'm planning on rebuilding the engine and possibly replacing the rods+pistons with a stronger set if I turbo it. I have found a a lot of threads discussing external parts with part numbers but I have not found a thread discussing the...
  8. Showcase
    so as some of you know im doing an in depth custom p.i.m.p. setup with a JRSC M45 kit. it all started one day with wanting last year riding with a buddy to a meet in his ZZP Stage 3 ion, it was quick everything zzp you could imagine set at 15psi. that car was fun and the whine was loud and you...
  9. New Member Introductions
    Hey guys, Ive been looking over engine swaps again for my 1999 Canadian EJ6 civic DX HB and found that doing a k20a swap is to much for my wallet atm (College life), so i was thinking that doing a OBD2 D15B VTEC swap so i can get rid of my dreaded D16y7 non-VTEC. Im not looking for crazy number...
  10. Engine Building
    To all d series experts! I read through the "Best d series block for boost" thread, and this one is pretty much the same but did not want to ressurect old thread. I want to build a d-series Single slammer. I have owned 2 d series engines (ek civic and ef) and have been very reliable for me...
  11. New Member Introductions
    Hey guys I'm kind of new to the honda world but I just picked up a 94 EG hatch with a D15B Vtech and a chipped p28. Looks like I lucked out as the guy didnt know what he had. I'm looking forward to fixing the EG up and bringing out its potential.
  12. New Member Introductions
    okay so im 19 and have a 94 ej1 that im currently converting to a stick shift. the guy that i bought it from had a d15b already in it and i have a d16z6 already at my house. my question is which motor should i build? i plan on doing this right and its my first build. my plans are rods n...
  13. Showcase
    Hi there guys! I just bought a mint stock ef with 28300KM which is a D13B2 engine and its an automatic :thumbdown: I also have another civic in my hands which has a D14A1 engine in manual with power steering. I have an D15B 3-stage vtec engine in my hands with an S40 gearbox and axles...
  14. Engine Management
    Can anybody help me I need a basemap for a stock jdm d15b vtec on a 50 wet shot I'm using crome any type of help will be greatly appreciated
  15. Engine Management
    new to tuning and can somebody provide me with information on how to tune on nos i have a stock jdm d15b trying to tune on 50 shot
  16. Product Reviews
    Good Day all, I recently bought an EG8 with a d15b 3 stage vtec engine and 5fwd manual transmission. My question is what can i do to tune/upgrade the ECU to get some more performance out of the motor?
  17. General Tech
    Hey I'm new to the d-series and I just picked one up a 93 eg, it has a d15b with a p20 trans and it's in limp mode and I pulled the cel code 19 it seems to point to lock up control solenoid but in my research I have not found even something close to the look of one on the car to see if that's...
  18. New Member Introductions
    So i just got my d15b and im wanting to order an exhaust, prefer a skunk2, what size and best exhaust would go for my motor?
  19. New Member Introductions
    Whattup guys, ive been wanting a honda for years and recently just bought a friends 99 eg coupe with a vtec jdm d15b swap, no ac/powersteering. Im wanting to know if this engine has potential, im all about being the underdog and dragging on bigger engines, but my question is is the d15b worth...
  20. Engine Building
    recently got a civic that I am planning on doing an a6 cam and an after market intake on. its a bone stock 1993 dx with air intake and exhaust. d15b7 after an oil change i finally drove it. It has a ticking sound like it needs valves adjusted. Before i do a bunch to it i want to find out...
1-20 of 121 Results