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  1. Honda civic mk7 minime project

    7th Gen
    Hi guys. I am looking forward to do a minime on my stock honda civic eu1(normal version of ep3) this car has a d15y3 non vtec engine. I want to convert it to vtec. I have 2 options: 1. Use only the cylinder head of d15b 3 stage vtec with stock head cover(without spark plug distributer) and stock...
  2. D15b7 head on to d15z1???

    General Tech
    Been looking for forums to see if a d15b7 head will work on a d15z1 block haven’t found much but looking to see if anyone’s can give me some new info tia!!!
  3. New d15b1 any advice?

    General Tech
    Hey guys I just picked up a new project. Its a 91 civic with the d15b1 and its low miles around 55k. Was thinking a mild single cam turbo build. But this is my first honda that isnt a big red. any advice on what the d15s like? I've built boosted cars and trucks in the past. But I'm a virgin to...
  4. 20191003_203805.jpg


    Hybrid non vtec build. D15b2 block, complete d16a6 top end, adjustable cam gear, full stainless exhaust 2.25in, complete rebuild, dpfi to mpfi conversion, complete wire tuck, all new accessories belts and bearings. Economy but with a bit of attitude.
  5. D15b Vtec boosted.. need to upgrade intake manifold

    General Tech
    Hey! I am new to the forum but I recent just picked up a 1992 Eg Si. The car came with a d15b Vtec boosted. No name turbo. I need a tune horribly! But first need some parts. Right now the car goes fine and runs fine but the turbo dies off at 5000 rpm. and I have to ease into it for it to spool...
  6. D15Y8 mini me tuning

    New Member Introductions
    hi all, new to the org, wish i knew about things like this back in the times... lol i picked up an eg hatch (ik the nostalgia!) for a decent price, mini me engine. i've built and worked on these before as a kid, thats not the real issue. tuning, things have changed in over a decade or so ago...
  7. Turbo'd 94 EG for 2k?

    New Member Introductions
    So,iv been out of the Honda scene for quite some time,a friend of mine has had an EG just sitting in her garage for a while,she told me i could have it for 2k and id really like to get back into hondas. Basically id like some opinions on if this is a good starting point of if i should look for...
  8. advice! d15b7 w/ d16z6 mini me swap. what I NEED for turbo.

    New Member Introductions
    Im very new to the civic driving scene, I just got my first car, a 1994 Honda Civic Dx coupe, I know i want to keep it different and build a d=series motor for a turbo but it seems very complicated, what set up do i need on my d motor for a powerful turbo ? i just got the p28 ecu and the vtec...
  9. First D15B7 build

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, like many others on here I've ended up scrolling through the forums looking for answers to my engine building questions and have ended up joining the forum in the hope of getting more accurate information pertaining to my situation. I have been searching the forums for about a...
  10. Noob With a Crazy Build

    New Member Introductions
    Noob incoming, whats up Wanted to introduce myself and bring to light my current project, I have always been a crazy guy interested in throwing together things that make people sit back and think "WTF were you thinking?". I have been working on my 1989 DX Hatch for well over a...
  11. Check engine code 7 OBD0

    General Tech
    hello guys, my car was running fine and suddenly my check engine went on giving me code 7 and 14 (tps and iacv) and the throttle response got weird, like when i tap the gas pedal the revs first go down and then it revs up and because of this its difficult to not stall sometimes. It also idles...
  12. d15b2/7 hard to start, runs, stalls.(with video)

    New Member Introductions
    This is my first post here on D-Series, so here we go. I have a 1989 DX hatch with a frankenstein engine. b2 block, intake, trans with a b7 head as far as I've been able to assess myself. might be a b7 trans, not really sure. I was driving home one day and suddenly my car simply stopped...
  13. Junk yard engines, which one?

    Engine Building
    My D16Y7 threw a rod the other day, after further investigation it absolutely fucked the block and crank. So my dad and I decided to just get a different motor. I was at the junkyard a couple days ago and saw some D15B1s, D15Z1, and a D16Y8 but the head was gone. Which would be the best to build...
  14. z6 pistons in d15b1

    Engine Building
    Heyy guys back again in my last post i put a d15b1 into my ek jus to find out that it needs pistons rings :bs: good thing i got it for free lol. i just wanna know if i can put my z6 pistons in d15 and use my y8 head ? or should i just put the z6 internals into a y8 block ?
  15. d15b1 most bang for buck w/out breaking bank?

    New Member Introductions
    Hey All, I am new to the site and this is my first post. I got on here to get some much needed info... just like a lot of others I'm sure. Ok, I just purchased an 89 civic hatch BASE model. D15b1 and 4 speed granny tranny. I want to do a little bit to the motor but not get crazy with it. I...
  16. 95 EJ D15B Vtec Swap help!

    Engine Building
    Okay, so here is the story. I drive a 95 DX coupe with a sluggish D15B7 powerplant. I've been doing a fair share of research and fumbled with many different possible ideas for swaps. More and more each day, I'm leaning towards dropping a JDM D15B VTEC in there. Has anyone done this swap...
  17. d16y8 swap to a jdm d15b. little help?

    General Tech
    hello gentlemen! it's been a while. to preface this I'm typing this on my phone so please ignore the typos. Okay here it is: I have two running driving cars, one is a 94 del sol with a d15b VTEC, swapped before I bought it by a Honda tech in his spare time. the other is a98 civic ex...
  18. D15B7 Turbo??

    Forced Induction
    I'm about to put a turbo on my D15B7 the motors mainly stock so I don't want to risk running to much boost, so I was going to stay in the ball park of about 5-8 psi. Does anybody know a pretty good estimate of how much power I'll probably gain out of that much boost???
  19. A Couple Mpfi Ecus

    For Sale
    I have an auto Pg7 I don't know the year but it is out of 88-89 integra i think. $30 I have a PM8 Its a 90 and its out of a hf california CRX.. $30 here is another pic You can pm me or txt me Prices are a little negotiatable just have to cover shipping at the most...
  20. pm3 pistons help

    Engine Building
    Hey all I'm looking to build an all motor d16 high comp with parts i already have but with all the math and measurements the pm3s stick out of the block about .028 so that brings us to my question... Has anyone ever shaved their pistons down? 0.060? I've seen it done before but not on honda...