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  1. Bit of help needed (d14a4/d15z6)

    Engine Building
    Hey guys, Im new here so thaught I would start with my situation, couple of weeks ago I baught a d15z6 ek3 which ran good, sounded good and pulled very well! after 5 days the immob light kicked on and after paying someone £100 pound to try and fix it still no luck...had it de-immobilised and all...
  2. d16zr IM going in d14a4 HELP

    General Tech
    PLEASEEEEEEE HELP Hi this is my first post firstly i have a european spec 98 civic ej9 (d14a4) . car has allready seen a straight though cat back exhaust system and i now have a short ram induction kit that needs to be bolted to the d16zr side mount IM from what ive read/heard just really need...
  3. Help D14A4 to D16z6 engine swap

    Engine Building
    Hello, im new to posting and asking worthwhile questions but here goes. I have been trolling forums to find out everything im going to need for a the swap. I have a 96 EJ9 D14A4 and im planning to swap in a D16Z6 , I have been doing some research and have worked out that the actual engine and...
  4. Honda Civic 1.4IS (D14A4) Sedan Exhaust options

    Naturally Aspirated
    Hi, got a Honda Civic 1.4IS Sedan, enginecode D14A4, and I've having troubles figuring out wich aftermarket exhaust systems that would fit this car, since most out there are for US hatchbacks with D16-engines. Can the cheap 4-2-1 header+catback systems thats all over ebay be used on this car...