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  1. Engine Building
    Hey all Euro drivers :D So I have EJ9 97 Civic after some random "tuner" that did some pretty poor things to the car. I want to fix some stuff properly. One thing he did was fitting the Simota "big black pipe" intake pipe and deleting the restriction plate. While that is cool and all, I want to...
  2. Showcase
    Hi to all d-series enthusiasts. My name is Volodymyr, I live in Ukraine, selling tuning parts in my country. I`m a long time Honda fan. Now I ride on Civic EJ9 1997 year with D14A3 engine. It has 75 horse power in stock. I make some engine rebuild with PM7 pistons, put AEM intake, ebay exhaust...
  3. General Tech
    Hello, After the overhaul odyssey (see here: Difference between D14Z4 and D14Z2) now my engine runs fine and burns almost no oil between changes. I've made my first 10 000 km after the repair and now its time for oil change again. So far I've been running with 10W40 oil, semi-synthetic. My...
  4. Engine Building
    i have heard that you can fit a d16 head on the d14 block? is there any truth to this i am pretty new to hondas and well im lost need some help.... if the d16 head will not fit whats a good mini me swap i can do? i would like to put a vtec head on!!!
  5. Engine Management
    Hello guys. I am from Greece and i have 98 hb with a D14A3 engine. I just discovered this great forum and i want to share with you my considers and problems. your opinion matters . When i bought this car the first thing i did i, ve removed the hp limiter gasket from the stock intake manifold to...
1-5 of 5 Results