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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hi Guys, Is there much point turboing a D14Z1? although this is a show car, so it won't be used for any racing values and so on, just for looks (ricer). Current stats of my car are: D14Z1 engine Carbon Fiber Whale Intake Coilovers (don't know the name) Rota Aleica 15" Front 8J | Rear 9J...
  2. Showcase
    Hi guys, nearly finished fitting my turbo set up on my d14a4 non VTEC Sohc (UK spec). Still waiting on a few parts to show up, totally new to all this, learning as i go, any advice is really appreicated. So far this is what I've got. Garrett T25 journal bearing turbo (welded waste gate port)...
  3. New Member Introductions
    my name is Ilya Serb 9 year ago i bought 1.4 IS 90hp (autogearbox s4PA) I read different sites - D-Series,, HondaTech and many many other. What now? i want start friendship with D-Series =) 2007-2015 Stock D14A4 90hp Milliage: from 120000 to 220000km (yes, 9 years, 100000km)...
  4. Showcase
    Got my car in may 08 after i passed 98' ej9 1.4 My exhaust was blown and sounded like it was hissing, so i got a new exhaust, wasnt planning on getting a big and loud one but kwik fit tried ripping me off so got what i could afford off ebay, The brand is "Savage" very nice exhuast and sounds...
  5. New Member Introductions
    hi my names matt, from reading near london, i drive a 98' ssb ej9 and i thought i'd come and say hello here are a few pictures of my car c+c welcome
  6. Engine Building
    hi guys well it seems pretty clear to me that an D's under 1500cc are pretty rare round the US. but they're very common on this side of the atlantic so i wanna find more info on them, see if any parts could be useful? the reason i'm asking is i've heard pistons are unique and could be used for...
1-6 of 6 Results