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  1. General Tech
    hey guys, Just picked me up a 94 1.3 bali... Fun little car, but got a few questions which i was hoping you guys could help me with ? i did have a quick search but couldnt find the answers. When i got the car, the lad before had stuck a cone filter on, (even though its a carb) and removed...
  2. Naturally Aspirated
    Hi all, as a newbee I like to be directed to interesting D13b2-topics. My 196.400 kms - just run in - G5 3-door hatch needs a bit of extra pep. I can go for the chiptune option . . . but I'm not sure. Since my european DX Civic has a single Keihin bikecarb - I believe! - the obvious route is...
  3. Transmission alley
    Ok The story is Im building a Civic for rallying, i intended to use a d13b2 engine and gearbox that i have in another Honda to start with, but ive recently been offered a D16Z6 VTEC cheap with everything i need to get it goin and seeing as the shell is an ESi anyway i figured id go for it...
1-3 of 3 Results