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  1. exhaust manifold d13

    General Tech
    hey guys, im currently running a 96 ek2 entirely JDM (ie i live in japan) including the tiny d13b4 motor. i want to do some exhaust and intake work and i need some more info. for the exhaust i havent decided what headers i want to use because im not sure what will all work with minimum...
  2. JDM D13B4 with D16Y8 head

    Engine Building
    hey guys im new to this site and new to the honda world but not tuning. i got an idea and i want to get some feed back and maybe some advice. im a US Marine currently stationed in Iwakuni, Japan and i just bought a 96 Honda Civic EK2 hatch with a d13b4 in it. until i actually bought the car i...
  3. Info on the smaller D's please??

    Engine Building
    hi guys well it seems pretty clear to me that an D's under 1500cc are pretty rare round the US. but they're very common on this side of the atlantic so i wanna find more info on them, see if any parts could be useful? the reason i'm asking is i've heard pistons are unique and could be used for...