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  1. Engine Building
    Hi everybody. Help me please for my question... I have civic with d16a sonh, non-vtec, 105hp. Later, I will built another engine and swap it in my honda, but now, while i do some other work with my car and get money, I want to know, can I install another stok d-series(or zc) camshaft in my d16a...
  2. For Sale
    Greetings everyone, Up for sale or trade is a rare piece made by TWM to run either Dual Weber DCOE carbs (or other DCOE design) or itbs with dcoe bolt pattern. It also comes with the linkage as well. This piece has been sitting in storage for years, so its a little scuffed but it is brand new...
  3. General Tech
    I got a d16z6 in a 1989 ef. It has no spark and no fuel, i know it might be the main relay cus it clicks ones and after that i cant hear it. It also cranks very slow could it be the starter!? Any ideas
  4. General Tech
    Hey what's up guys, i was wondering if anybody on D-Series can help me out here with this problem that I'm having with my D16a6/Y8 Mini-Me Vtec Turbo build. Just recently put this Motor together and put it in the car about three weeks ago. Ill list what has been done to it so far and what's been...
  5. Forced Induction
    Hey guys, i looked and looked and couldnt find a good article on turboing on a stock engine(d15). Could one give me an idea of how much it would cost, what parts would be good and where to get them. I want to run 6-8psi since it's the stock block. Or if you could point me in the direction of a...
  6. New Member Introductions
    Wow guys i can sence this is probably a stupid frikkin question before i ask but im no IT Conoisseur! I made a thread a fair while back showing off my cage in my EG, didnt come on D-Series for quite a while and when i came back on, the photos on my thread were gone, along with photos on my...
1-6 of 8 Results