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  1. Help Please - 85 Crx Obd-0 To D15B Vtec Obd2a

    General Tech
    Hello Honda owners..... I have a question, and I think here is the place where you can help me....I have a 85 CRX Si, which came with a EW3 MPFI engine OBD-0- and I'm changing the engine for D15B VTEC OBD2a. I have all the engine harness OBD2a with the ecu. and I have the whole interior harness...
  2. CRX SI 89-91 Bearing and Oil Seal Part #'s

    Transmission alley
    Here is a jpg I made of the correct part numbers for almost all of the bearings and oil seals in the 89-91 crx si transmission. Sticky please! I've built a few of these trannys now, so if anybody has questions, feel free to point them at me, I'm sure the gurus are tired of all the attention!