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  1. Showcase
    Hi everyone. After 6 months of searching almost everyday on facebook marketplace I finally located a d16a6! I talked with the seller for two weeks trying to find time to make the three hour trip from ny to mass and make it happen. He was difficult to communicate with because he said he didnt...
  2. General Tech
    Hello Honda owners..... I have a question, and I think here is the place where you can help me....I have a 85 CRX Si, which came with a EW3 MPFI engine OBD-0- and I'm changing the engine for D15B VTEC OBD2a. I have all the engine harness OBD2a with the ecu. and I have the whole interior harness...
  3. Transmission alley
    Here is a jpg I made of the correct part numbers for almost all of the bearings and oil seals in the 89-91 crx si transmission. Sticky please! I've built a few of these trannys now, so if anybody has questions, feel free to point them at me, I'm sure the gurus are tired of all the attention!
1-3 of 3 Results