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  1. New Member Introductions
    Long time mechanic, new time Honda dude. 89 crx hf stock. First Honda I've ever owned. Working on restoring and making it lively once again. New to the forum but excited. Hope to get to know some of y'all in the future as I progress into this project. Cheers🤙
  2. DOHC ZC
    Stock d15 with busted bearings... was told for time, effort and cost sake, just to swap.. I have a3rd gen zc engine lined up to purchase this week... Ive done my research but none really asked this question specifically. Can a dohc zc swap "basically" swap in to my hf and work fine with the...
  3. DOHC ZC
    Dohc ZC 3rd gen blacktop. p28 ecu with the right basemap. converted to obd1 with respective part changes.(all New) Has spark guaranteed. (Brand spanking new Dizzy) Fixed mechanical timing. Was off a tooth on the intake side. Car will crank and turn over No weird sounds coming from valves. I'm...
  4. DOHC ZC
    Which distributor would I use for a 3rd gen dohc zc that's been converted to OBD1? I know there's the TD43-u. But every one that's selling says it's for the second gen. And I went through two of them already from brand new. Any Suggestions?
  5. DOHC ZC
    Dohc ZC in my 89 Crx Hf body. Hey Guys! Here again with some more questions. So with the car not running, I had to do some diagnostics. I had already checked for spark, compression, and fuel(at least the fuel pump). Everything was good, and it still wouldn't start. Last night, I...
  6. DOHC ZC
    Okay! At it again! Just trying to get the damn thing running. Dohc ZC Blacktop converted to obd1. Chipped P28 ecu. 1989 CRX HF Here's what happened: I fired it up to go to work Saturday morning. i pulled out onto a main road, and ran it to 4k rpms. the car backfired big time. Like a...
  7. Naturally Aspirated
    Hey everyone, If this is already up somewhere please point me in the right direction. I chose this swap because I found a d15b7 and an A6 transmission for cheap and it seems to be a straight forward swap where motor mounts and transmission components match up well. This is my daily driver...
1-7 of 8 Results