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  1. General Tech
    I want to cam my d16a6 are there cams I should move towards and what ones would more with this engine
  2. Engine Building
    well im a newb and ive been searching for a while but i figured ill just go ahead and ask i was planning on getting the stage 2 crower cam for my d17a2 and i plan to have the car turbo'd by this mid summer. will i suffer a power loss running the turbo cam and will i need to buy a stand alone ems...
  3. Engine Management
    Hey, I'm looking to find someone who can make or has a custom chip for: D16y7/z6 p28 socketed Crower cam stage 2 2.5" Exhaust Intake Stock injectors The rest is pretty much stock... Thanx ..
  4. Naturally Aspirated
    Before i begin going into the details of my current project i will first tell you what i have already done to the car: Before all mods commenced last year the cat was replaced as it was so full of carbon build up the engine wouldnt run. .. please express your simpathy not remarks :( Then...
  5. Engine Building
    I have been running though the forums now for a couple of months and I think I want to run with this set up. Hope to keep it in the 10.5:1 neighborhood. I’ve got a nice chunk of change saved up and I want to do this right. I’ve built several Honda sohc motorcycle engines over the years, but I...
1-6 of 6 Results