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  1. boosted ef, z6 @ 8 psi, low numbers???

    Forced Induction
    I am wanting opinions or possible reasons as to why I got such low numbers when i boosted my z6. So here's a quick run down of everything. When I bought my ef it was already boosted. It had an a6 head on zc block, with exhaust ports gasket matched, msd cap, igniter and wires, stock injectors and...
  2. problems launching crome ... help please

    Engine Management
    i want to street tune my car using crome. i am using my family hp laptop running windows 7. when i try to install it it will take me through all the windows but at the last one when it i click finish and launch crome i get the error create process failed ; code 5 access denied that was when i...
  3. Omnipower 3 Bar Map question

    Engine Management
    i just got an Omnipower 3 bar Map sensor as a b-day gift :) so i open crome and see its not in the list in boost tools. did a quick search but no body had what should be in the custom fields. I went to Omnipower's site and got there "generic directions" but the all were for scaller and crome is...
  4. Tuning software for Android OS???

    Engine Management
    So Ive been looking around and noticing a pretty big upcoming of tabs/ tablets ( Samsung Galaxy, Acer, LG Slate...etc...). Anyways I was wondering if anyone knew of any tuning programs that would be coming out compatible with Android? Most of the tablets can be converted over to dual boot...
  5. True antilag with crome free

    Engine Management
    well seeing as how the two step only builds 1-2psi and just sounds gay off the line, so did some digging over in this will only work with a p30 base hit control K and enter the fallowing script _rom_fill(0x58e6, 0x590d, 0x00); _rom_fill(0x6a99, 0x6ac0, 0x00); this allows ignition...
  6. 95 dx jdm d15b p91 ecu?

    Engine Management
    I have a very crusty 95 dx 4 door with a jdm d15b swapped in, manual trans lsd (at least I think it is, chirps either tire). The ecu that was sent with the drivetrain is a p91. Even though they kept assuring me that it is compatible with a p08 , and or was chipped with a p08 chip, blah blah...
  7. JDM D15b p91 ecu?

    Engine Management
    I did my swap back in late May from a d15b7 to a jdm d15b vtec. I ran the wires for vtec and installed the supplied ecu, a p91. I was assured that it was just the same as p08, BUT now that I have a hankering to explore more options with this motor I am finding it difficult because no one chips a...