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  1. Advice Needed on Crankshaft Sleeve

    General Tech
    Hey all, I recently bought a Civic Wagon RT4WD (with a d16a6). It had a very large oil leak coming from between the engine and transmission. Figuring it was a rear main seal leak, i dropped the tranny and took out the main seal. The crankshaft had a fairly substantial groove worn into it (I...
  2. D15B8 crankshaft

    Engine Building
    I have done research but want a few things cleared up please, a d15b8 crankshaft has 45mm rod journals and all D-series have the same piston wrist pin size right? and isn't it forged just like the rest of the d series cranks?
  3. Will a d16a6 crank fit my d16y8 block???

    Engine Building
    Please tell me if the a6 crank will fit my y8 block? If so, if there's anything i need to do to make the match!! Thanks
  4. d16 stuff

    For Sale
    i have 75mm wiseco forged pistons, eagle rods and acl race bearings for sale. all have never been used, but taken to a machine shop and balanced out. they are listed on ebay so they can be shipped to you: D16y7 D16y8 D16z6 Wiseco 75mm Pistons Eagle Forged Rods And Acl Race Bearings | eBay...
  5. D15b2 Crank options

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys, long story short i need to replace my crank, i have a d15b2 stock block with a fully built d16z6 head. i was wondering where i can find an oem crank relativley cheap, or if it would be worth my time and money to upgrade the crank to an aftermarket part. im definatly on a budget so id...
  6. Harmonic Balancer Damage

    Engine Building
    My harmonic balancer started to wobble and make a grinding sound While I was driving. I am able to get the pulley off and noticed that the slit that the key sits in on the crank it self is damaged, the harmonic balancer is all worn down also. I need to know what my options are. Can I buy a...
  7. WTB 1.6 crank

    Want to Buy
    Im looking for a d16 crank that is ready to go. let me know what you have I have paypal ready to go if the price is right:bigok:. Also may consider trades on things in my fs thread
  8. ...........

    For Sale
  9. D16A2 (ZC Gen1) crankshaft replace/grind query !

    Arite so I picked up a 1987 Integra. Its in pretty good shape except for this god awful big end bearing rattle from the crankshaft. I looked around the junkyard for any replacement engine but havent found any yet. Swapping something else in is too costly for me right now ... so thats not an...
  10. My crankshaft snout striped on my D16Y8

    Engine Building
    Yea what a bummer huh? It's really hard to find another crankshaft of the same engine too. But I was wondering..what other crankshaft would be a perfect fit? and I was wondering if the snout can be replaced, hmmm never done that kind of work before...but I know how to weld..just don't have the...