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  1. Help! Crank no start on d17a!

    New Member Introductions
    First off, long time lurker, first time poster. Secondly, I need some help. This is my last chance to get this car running before the wife convinces me to scrap it. It's a 2001 Honda civic lx with a d17a JDM motor dropped in it about 5 years ago. Around summer of 16 the head gasket blew so i...
  2. Will a d16a6 crank fit my d16y8 block???

    Engine Building
    Please tell me if the a6 crank will fit my y8 block? If so, if there's anything i need to do to make the match!! Thanks
  3. D15B Crank

    Engine Building
    Hey guys, I just have a quick question about finding a D15B crank. I'm planning a turbo build on my D15B7 and don't really feel like shelling out the $800 or so it costs for the Crower rods. I've recently learned that with a JDM D15B I'll be able to use D16 rods in my engine. The trouble is, I...
  4. Car cranks but doesnt start d15

    General Tech
    i recently did my spark plugs spark plug wires and dizz cap and vavle seals. The car started after i did the work. then i week later when i tried to start it it would crank but wouldnt start. so i checked for spark at the wires thier was none. so i went to check the coil its weak so i went ahead...
  5. spun bearing rebuild

    Engine Building
    im going to start off saying sorry if im wasting ur time guys but i need some help. spun a bearing traveling to texas from ohio and now i need to rebuild. only problem i have is limited resourses(money) i know its a spun bearing. what i need to know is what i need to do to fix it. im looking...
  6. WTB 1.6 crank

    Want to Buy
    Im looking for a d16 crank that is ready to go. let me know what you have I have paypal ready to go if the price is right:bigok:. Also may consider trades on things in my fs thread
  7. D16 blocks/crank/head and EF parts

    For Sale
    Contact information 409-466-3134 text or PM's Location Beaumont, Tx ----------------------------------------------------- ALL parts are OBO D16z6 block w/mains - no pistons/rods/crank - SOLD D16z6 block - rusted sleeves, will part out anything you need off of it - $40 block no crank /...
  8. ECU Code 9

    Hi, I'm new to this website and just looking for some answers for my OBD0 to OBD1 conversion I just did. Before I converted the car over to OBD1, the car ran perfect. But now, since I converted it over, I am getting ecu code 9, which is for the crank position sensor. I bought the distributor...
  9. Just torque'd crankshaft mains, flywheel wont budge?

    Engine Building
    Hello and I need help! I just assembled my D16Y7 block with all OEM Y8 internals, and "King" OEM bearings. I had everything mic'd and hot tanked, and the machinist said being that everything is OEM, it should all bolt up and I could skip plastigage. So, I installed the crankshaft and bearings...
  10. Quick pulley question

    New Member Introductions
    does a a6 crank pulley fit a d16z6? would there be any difference in the notches as of timing? thanks
  11. USDM D15B7/2 rotating assembly concerns/disscussion

    Engine Building
    Okay so we all know FJ is finnally putting our USDM D15 rods into production. We're all excited *gives self a pat on the back and FJ a high 5* So I've been planning my build based on the rods release for some time now. All if not most of the kinks have been calculated and worked out until I...