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  1. For Sale
    Bisimoto Level 3, Crank scraper/windage tray, TBRA For sale because of turbo build: Bisimoto Level 3, 5000km old Price: 295 dollar Crank Scraper and windage tray, only made it fit to the engine Price: 195 dollar 98+ spec OEM TB including TBRA 98+ spec D-series TB has no holes...
  2. Engine Building
    I was wondering if anyone was using either a Ishihara-Johnson dual crank scraper or windage tray option in their oil pans besides JFK(Speedfactory), and which one should I go with? I was going to go with the teflon option of either product. Hond-Acura Dual Scraper Option Windage Tray Option
1-2 of 2 Results