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  1. 97 civic coupe Power Steering parts, rear seats gray good condition

    For Sale
    Rear seats. Gray. Good condition. $250 obo. Local pick up in Dayton Ohio or you pay actual shipping Power steering fluid reservoir $35 obo. Free shipping to continental US Power steering rack for REBUILD/PARTS ONLY. bad passenger side inner tie rod. hydraulics work. Lower fluid line nut...
  2. EG Chassis, Coupe or Hatchback?

    New Member Introductions
    iv sold my older coupe and i have 2 cars in mind, an 95 EX coupe or a 95 DX Hatch Pros EX Coupe: No Rust D16z6 P28 Ecu Already Has Coilovers All Stock AC/PS Sunroof all the goodies Cons EX Coupe 224k-246k (may need rebuild soon) Pros DX Hatch No Rust At All Absolutely Bone Stock Cons...
  3. D17a2 Full Turbo Build

    Engine Building
    Hey all. Im new here and just wanted to post my current build and maybe get some feedback. To all those who say K-swap.... **** you. Im here to prove a point. My point is to make HP in a D17 Boosted coupe. If you dont like it dont say nothing. If you do ill delete your ****. I dont care about...
  4. I need of some assistance please

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys and gals. New guy to the forums and to Civics though not new to Honda, my main rides before the coupe have been CR-Vs (love em) and in need of some assistance as the title says :) So i just got myself a 97 Civic Coupe 1.6i (non vtech) with a D16 Y7 engine, as you can see it came with...
  5. Kinda New Guy Here

    New Member Introductions
    I forgot that I was supposed to do one of these :) A little bit of backround I guess. Older brothers always had Honda's and Acura's, the oldest had the eg hatches, ex coupe, he even had a b18 in one hatch that got stolen, it showed him racing on MTV "True life of a street racer" he was all...
  6. D15b2 info questions

    General Tech
    Didn't quite know where else to put this; I'm gonna have to dissamble my '94 EJ2 cyl head, due to change of bad valve seals (exhaust/intake). I have absolutely zero experience with honda engines as I've recently changed over from BMW. So, I'm planning on replacing all possible parts that will...
  7. WTB: 96-00 Black Coupe Drivers Door

    Want to Buy
    Looking for a black driver side door for my 97 HX. Preferably a 96-98 door with power locks and windows, but at this point I'll consider going out of that year and feature set. I live in Detroit, Michigan, so close to home would be best because I'm sure shipping would be astronomical. I'm...
  8. New to the Honda scene, help me an my dx coupe

    New Member Introductions
    So, hello fellow D series brothers. I my self do not own a Honda, but plan to soon acquire a 1994 Honda Civic Dx Coupe. It has the D15B7 power plant, it belongs to a family member of mine that I've been co-arsing into letting me take it off their hands, she's pretty beat up, last time she was...
  9. Quick Question....

    Suspension Corner
    I have 97 civic coupe and I need to change the rear lower control arm bushings on both sides.... So does anybody here have any experience with these bushings: are they easy to swap out? Or should I just buy new control arms to avoid goin thru hell to swap out the bushings?
  10. '97 Civic Coupe

    So I was going to get a 92 sedan for 800$ when this deal came along, my cousin gave me his 97 Civic coupe for free. It came with an Si transmission from a 98 with under 200km, brand new front winter tires, a filthy engine bay, terrible fluids, a fuel pump that had gone, a done cv axle, and a...
  11. Hi! Introduction + Transmission Question

    New Member Introductions
    Hello, nice to meet you! I'm a proud new owner of a 1998 Honda Civic Coupe EX, milano red :biggrin: As a broke noob, my biggest concern right now is keeping my first car running, on the road, and tagged/insured. I've been in possession of the car for about five months now, and so I've...
  12. d15b non vtec tranny

    Transmission alley
    hey i have a 92 civic sedan dx with a d15b non vtec 5 speed and i just wanted to know can i put a 95 civic ex coupe tranny with no problem just as easy as changing it pleasse help
  13. Which is the better choice?

    General Tech
    Hey im new to hondas but am currently thinking of buying myself one. I am interested in doing some engine modifications to it in the near future, mainly a mini-me swap and transmission swap. The 2 cars i would like advice on are; Honda civic coupe LS 96-99? Honda civic coupe LSI 92-95 I am...
  14. What more can I do????

    Naturally Aspirated
    Well I've been hating my car lately its a 97 ex its got the y8 with an ebay header and 2 inch exhaust just took off the 4 inch fart cannon that was on the car when I got it and put on a thrush turbo muffler, its got an aem cia with a dryflow filter and a skunk 2 intake mani, I just put in a new...
  15. Confort plus performance, is that possible

    Suspension Corner
    Hi D lovers! That's my first post here, I was reading a lot of information and man, this forum is really the best. But, let's talk about my car: Is a Civic Coupe, EJ1 It's suspension are:- - KYB Agx shocks - Eibach ground control Springs - Konig Helium 16' - 205/45/6 Hankook Ventus I...
  16. My Coupe

    My Coupe-NEW PIC'S its not that clean. its still has alot of work bodywork, paint, new hood. before it can be consider "clean" :p New 06/13 Newest pictures with amber corners. Older ones without ambers
  17. OMG GrapeFruit Cannon

    So as a few of you know Ive had terrible exhaust issues. First I bought a "Custom Exhaust" from another guy with a coupe.....and it didnt work out. It has an ebay muffler, the hangers all broke, and had shatty welds. So I bought an Greddy Evo2. Told myself to buy quality. Wouldnt you guess, it...
  18. Post your coupe (ALL COUPES)

    Honda Civic Coupe~ The youngest line/trim of Honda Civics made. prior to 1993, Honda had only three door, four door, and wagon versions of the Honda Civic. Since its induction into the Honda Civic lineup its been one of the better selling Civics made. 5th generation (1993-1995) EJ1/EJ2 6th...