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  1. Ac manifold and water intercooling

    Forced Induction
    I'm currently still gearing up to turbocharge my d16y8 for the street with a goal of 200whp and a Max of 8psi on all stock internals. I want to keep my ac unit and ps in and am doing all the downpipe and charge line myself but what manifold would you recommend for this? Secondly I already...
  2. how long does it take for radiator fan to come on during winter about?

    General Tech
    i was checking to make sure my radiator fan was working and coming on, so i ran the car and i waited 25 minutes with it idling with the hood open, but my radiator fan never came on ?, then i forgot its probably different since its the winter time and its cold out, so it probably takes...
  3. overheating issue. please help.

    7th Gen
    I have an 05 civic that had an overheating issue, but i blew that motor. Just dropped another d17a2 in it march 2013. It is still having overheating issues. If i drive then it runs fine. When i stop it overheats. Fans arent turning on. If i turn on the ac the fans both run. Replaced thermostat...
  4. New to d series

    New Member Introductions
    Hi , New to honda and d series, just bought a 93 1.6 del sol with 16z6 engine, the whole car is in very good condition for a 19 year old and 100,000 miles. I plan on keeping it for some time and would like to keep it as near standard as poss, but here is a list of mod's already on car ...
  5. Overheating? No but my temp sensor thinks so.

    Engine Management
    okay this has been an ongoing problem for a while now. ive checked everything. (literally) replaced the temp sensor, the coolant temp sensor, the fan switch, the thermostat, flushed the radiatior, and everything runs well. however, my temp gauge on my dash tells a different story, at idle it...