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  1. MFactory Oil Cooler Kits now available again!

    Whoopee Doo Racing
    -High-efficiency 19-Row design outperforms similarly priced coolers on the market -Incorporates a filter relocation kit, permitting the filter to be placed in a location of your choice -Stainless-braided hoses with -10AN couplings to ensure the hoses are reliably secured -2 x 1/8 NPT sensor...
  2. Do I REALLY need my powersteering cooler??

    General Tech
    So im building the rally car, ongoing project, and the cooler is super rusty, it doesnt look too great and was wondering if I can get away with not running it? It will just make the steering a little heavier right?? Id like to get rid of it to scrub a lil extra weight too. Comment back, rep for...