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connecting rods

  1. d15b7 d15b2 con rods the same?

    Engine Building
    I am new to the forum but I have been in the honda game for about 5 years. what I have is a d15b7 turbo tuned at 6psi(safe tune) running ~160whp 1/4 mile at 14.02. I have found a set of forged rods(134mm) for $350 for a d15b2 and I couldn't find out for certain that they will fit my d15b7. Are...
  2. D16Z6 connecting rod issue

    Naturally Aspirated
    This is my first build and I been building a D16Z6 on and off for a while now. I did a complete tear down and had the block sitting there waiting for me to start building it. The problem is that when I was attaching the stock connecting rods to the new pistons I lost one of the bearing caps...