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  1. Forced Induction
    im looking for a compressor map for the TURBONETICS t3/t4e so i know what to expect out of it but i am not having luck with any of the turbonetics hybrid turbos. Does anyone know where to find one or do i need to contact turbonectics directly? Compressor housing- a/r .60, 3"inlet, 2"outlet...
  2. General Tech
    hello there guys made this post bc this heat is no joke i think i almost had a stroke the other day lmao no laughing matter so i went out and bought me a ac kit i got a kit for 99 si but im not sure what fits and not i know the condensor doesnt not fit for a 94 si i do have a b16a with a p30 ac...
  3. General Tech
    When I turn my a/c on it seems like it is drawing alot of power out of the car. The air still comes out ICE cold. But while im driving if I turn the air on I can feel a big power loss in the car. The pully or belt starts squealing. If I trun the a/c on while I'm stopped sometimes it sounds like...
1-3 of 3 Results